Written By: RayTrill Harvey, Alyssa Gotts & Victoria Garces
Photo 1 by: MrsQuix / all other photos by: Victorialiciax

A bass lovers dream, Wobbleland was the lineup that made headbangers drool. The TRILLVO team was more than anxious to get out to Dallas, TX and see what such a prestigious lineup could offer the bass loving communities that thrive in the South.

Luca Lush & Quix
Luca Lush B2B Quix; Photo By: @MrsQuix

My videographer, Photographer, Artist and his fiance packed up our car and made the trip to Dallas. We arrived to the venue at around 5:45PM with doors opening at 6PM, we wanted to be there in enough time to catch Dallas Native, He$h. From the moment we stepped into the venue the vibes were felt and the rage was real–Wobbleland Dallas brought the party to Bomb Factory/Canton Hall.

The Venue

The venue was actually two venues combined into one, Bomb Factory & Canton Hall. Located in Deep Ellum, the venues are placed back to back with Bomb Factory being the bigger of the two. The event coordinators built a makeshift hallway in between both venues to allow people to get between each one to see the artists they wanted to see.

Pros & Cons of The Venue

Pros Having 2 venues allowed for a much larger lineup and variety in what you were seeing. Bigger lineup is always better. There was a large VIP section that wrapped the top of the Bomb Factory which provided an amazing viewing area to anyone that purchased VIP. Having multiple bars was great. The patio was very convenient and a dope spot for artists to mingle with fans! The Bomb factory is huge and spacious, you never feel cramped in that crowd.

Cons (sorry for all the negatives here Wobbleland, we understand alot of these issues aren’t your fault and can’t be helped by the teams putting on the show.) The venue would only allow in a certain amount of people to Canton Hall per certain times which caused large lines and a clusterfuck in the hallway; a lot of people missed the sets they wanted to see because of this. We do understand that it’s a fire marshal/safety issue, but it definitely was chaos at some points and inconvenient. Also, you couldn’t bring drinks from one venue to the next which was not only a HUGE waste for tons of people, but if you had just bought a drink, you would have had to chug it before entering the next venue. In the hallway, you passed the green room which was shielded by black sheets that were easily moved aside by show attendees, disturbing artists peace and privacy. Finally, the sound wasn’t the best and there was a huge production fluke when Bandlez was playing, they had Bommer’s logo up for most of the time he was playing.

12th Planet shares a moment with Rusko on stage. Photo By @Victorialiciax


Drinks were extremely reasonably priced which was awesome! A bullet rye for $6 isn’t bad for a show. An assortment of local Beer was $5, tall boys were $6, a double was $9 and waters were $5. There was a food stand which probably saved a lot of hungry ravers. The We Rave Hard booth was out in full force almost selling out of Riddim and Railbreaker shirts.

He$h; Photo By @Victorialiciax

The Performances

Every artist brought a huge vibe with them on stage. All types of bass music was heard, DnB (by the legend Rusko), insane deep/space bass & riddim (Dirt Monkey b2b Subdocta, Subtronics b2b SQUNTO. HE$H b2b Bommer), and those heavy bass sounds by 12th Planet & Infekt b2b UBUR. Standing behind the DJs at this event was soooo intense. You can definitely feel the energy from the crowd and the DJs giving it back tenfold to fill up the venues.

Quix; Photo By @Victorialiciax

He$h B2B Bommer were throwing down and going hard from the moment they opened. Everyone’s bass faces were in full effect and determined to break the rail. Cut to Quix B2B Luca Lush on the Main stage in Bomb Factory being one of the best sets of the night-each playing banger after banger much to every bass head in attendances pleasure. Herobust’s set was next level per the usual, he had everyone begging for more after each play—hybrid trap coupled with his unique sound was just the thing to close out this massive night.

Herobust; Photo By @Victorialiciax

Pros & Cons of the performances/production

Pros: The production in The Bomb Factory was killer. The lights set huge moods for every artist. The Bomb Factory had amazing visuals throughout the sets that captivated the crowd. Every artist brought HUGE sounds and vibes to each set. Every single artist killed it! you got to hear the best of every genre in bass music.

Top 5 performances for us:
  1. Quix B2B Luca Lush
  2. Rusko
  3. Herobust
  4. Squnto B2B Subtronics
  5. 12th Planet
Subtronics; Photo By @victorialiciax
Cons: The visuals at Canton Hall were a little shaky. Visuals didn’t match up with the DJs on stage so it confused a lot people. No one was told that HE$H changed his set time, it confused a lot of his fans. Also, having the screen say “Bommer” during Bandlez entire set wasn’t good at all. The production in Canton Hall seemed to have used the same visuals for every artist rather than having the artists own visuals.
Phiso; Photo by @victorialiciax

Final Review

Score: 7.5/10

For this being one of the first Wobbleland’s outside of California, the teams have a lot to consider and reevaluate. We believe with the right venue to house all of the stages properly, Wobbleland in Dallas could be a HUGE event. Texas’ market is very bass heavy and we ADORE that this festival took the time to bring more wubs to our market. I hope the VITAL team continues to partner up with the fine men & women at PRIME and Lights All Night to continue this amazing festival in Dallas.

We’d like to see production and venue adjustments made along with more vendors, food and experiences to turn the show into more than just a show but an experience. Thank you to all the teams that allowed TRILLVO to come out and be a part of this amazing show.

Posted by:Raytrill Founder of TRILLVO

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