Yellow Claw is back with new album, New Blood (fittingly named), released on Barong Family label. If you are expecting a head to tail trap album full of Yellow Claw bangers you are used to, you may be a little disappointed. The album is different from anything we’ve ever heard from the duo before, and though the fans seemed to split by the new sound, we here at Trillvo are loving it!

Yellow Claw
Photo from Soundcloud

The beginning of New Blood is not as hard as one would have expected, the duo takes a risk by playing more generic, mainstream sounds in the beginning. The first track, is a shot for a 2018 Summer anthem titled, “Summertime” featuring San Holo. It’s refreshing and the unexpected collaboration is definitely captivating. “Both of Us” is the second track on the album, and though it features some great vocals from Stori, it’s definitely a more generic beat. Which is a little disappointing in my personal opinion, considering the work the duo has given us in the past.

One of our favorite tracks on the album is “Villain”, it features  beautiful vocals from artist Valentina. Though the track is still more melodic than your typical YC sound, they pay a nice homage to their roots including trap horns in the middle of this vocal-heavy track. The album finally starts to pick up with “Public Enemy” which is a banger for sure, though Yellow Claw has been playing this track for like three years now. You can’t help but to want to rage, especially when those snare drums come in.

Yellow Claw
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Finally Yellow Claw shows their true colors in the last quarter of the album with tracks like “Fake Chanel”. This is another one of our favorites, and it features artists A$AP FERG and Creek Boyz. “To the Max”, in our opinion is best track on the album. The track brings Latino vibes, mixed with some funk. Not to mention, it features Bok Nero, Lil Debbie, MC Gustta, and MC Kekel. This track is one I can see the crowd getting hyped too! Plus, we always appreciate the mixture of Spanish, hip-hop, and electronic cultures.

We are not sure if YC chose the album name New Blood, because they are featuring some new sounds and genres that we aren’t used to hearing from the duo, but either way the album is fire. From the melodic, mainstream, and summer anthem tracks, leading into that hip hop influence we have grown to love. The album is different, but not to be slept on.

Take a Listen to New Blood below! 

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