By: Michael Placencia

Jimi Ohh Logo

If you’re not familiar with Houston local Jimi Ohh, then “Ohh” are you missing out! This guy always brings the heat during his sets, but now he’s bringing us fire in the form of “GODS X MONSTRS.” This track exemplifies that classic festival Trap sound we all know and love. Jimi himself describes it as an “OG festival Trap anthem infusing both Future Bass and Hard Trap elements.”


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Listening to GODS X MONSTRS, you can easily hear those Hard Trap sounds even within the first drop. The Future Bass vibes you can also catch in various parts of the track like in the second drop. Overall, this track is definitely set to get any crowd hyped. And it does those die hard fans of festival Trap proud. We’re excited to see what Jimi Ohh cooks up next, cause this track easily paves the way for more greatness to come from this Houston local. Oh, and we’re a huge fan of Jimi’s logo. It’s definitely superhero worthy.

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