By: Nina Lakhiani

Rezz blesses us with yet another sinister track from her upcoming sophomore album Certain Kind of Magic out on August 3rd.  “HEX” is magnificent Rezz masterpiece completed in collaboration with 1788-L. These music magicians created a bass-filled chaotic sound that’ll leave your head ominously numb.


The beginning of this track trickles in lightly with a simple beat tapping on your brain. A feeling of uncertainty overcomes your body with a stillness as you wait for a dark and eerie burst of beats to hit. If you’re a fan of Rezz, then you already know to expect the unexpected.  This track is a maze of bewitching twists, but oh lordy when that drop hits it’ll surely have you under a spell.

 “HEX” is giving us full on creepy Halloween vibes and we only hope to hear this entire theme carried out for the rest of Space Mom’s highly anticipated tracks. In the meantime, prepare yourself for what’s to come.

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Posted by:Nina Lakhiani

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