By: Christina Groves

South African based DJ/producer Kyle Watson, taps into our heart strings with a brand new remix of ZHU and Tame Imapala’s song titled “My Life.” This track lures the audience in with an addictive set of percussive drums before completely breaking into one of the bounciest songs we’ve heard all year. The minimal guitar stabs and infectious vocals set the tone for what reminds us of a true after hours house jam.


I picture a rave winding down, and this being the final song to end the night making us all go home feeling euphoric and full of joy. The forward moving of the kick and clap combo keep this song from getting stale, while staying true to what a house song should be. “My Life” will likely be a staple in many sets in the future for its raw emotion & forwardness.

To hear the great remix and other Kyle Watson song’s be sure to check out the links below.

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Posted by:Christina Groves

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