By: Christina Groves

One True God is back with one of the darkest mid-tempo records we have heard all year. The tribal arps and chants hook you from the get go and from there you know something special is about to happen.


The drop kicks off with some thought-provoking dark rave style synths on top of a monstrous bass line. When this record finally lets you out of its grips for a split second we hear some dark vocals lingering. Preceding to the second the bass line takes a drastic change, almost reminiscent of a Pysch trance bass, and then the ride is over. The dark vibe of this record never seems to let up until you are fully entrapped inside its inner workings.

I’ve never listened or heard of One True God before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. After stumbling on “Kevin Spacey” on SoundCloud, I had to check out the rest of his music and I was not disappointed. To hear all of One True God’s music, be sure to check out the links below.

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Posted by:Christina Groves

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