Written By Raytrill Harvey with input from the TRILLVO family.

4B has become one of dance music’s most recognized names in the last year and his track, “Whistle” was one of the top played songs among the last few festival circuits. The young producer shows no signs of slowing down and gives other young talent that he has his eye on a huge push with a massive remix pack!

We decided to spotlight some of our favorites but it’s important to know here that every single track in this compilation is straight FIRE. Every single producer did their thing with the stems.

1st Place: YOOKiE

The brothers dropped one of those remixes that make entire crowds go wild. Probably one of the most anticipated remixes on the EP, the remix sounds like a Trap Marching band twerking down Bourbon St. paying homage to the original so well but incorporating a style they’ve become more and more known for; they effortlessly infuse 808’s that make the ground shake into a festival classic. The brothers are keeping one of our favorite genre’s alive and well. (At the end of the track Anthony, one of the YOOKiE bro’s, samples himself whistling the Kill Bill anthem; a perfect closing addition to the track.)

2nd Place: Nitti Gritti

The creative producer starts his remix with a classic bounce touch to it, probably inspired by the rave whistles in the song. The bounce doesn’t last for long as an elongated drawn out sub blasts the track in half and a fiery dubstep twist is laid on the listener. Innovation is key for this producer and even in a remix he shows us why he’s becoming a household name.

3rd Place: Nazaar

We really love what Nazaar did with this track. It’s one of the heaviest remixes and really catches you off guard on the drop. After listening to every single remix one thing that saved me was when the drop didn’t incorporate the whistle for the entirety of the drop because it became too overwhelming after awhile and we love how he fades out the whistle into a riddim filled drop, perfect for chopping.

4th Place: Schade

Schade comes in 4th with the only House remix on the EP. It’s refreshing to hear a house remix for this track given the whistles are so reminiscent of whistles you would hear during a house set at Ultra. It really brings the vibes and makes you want to shuffle across the room. Schade has really been showing out lately and making his name known for himself, we’re thankful 4B included him in this pack.

5th Place: Lit Lords

Another very creative take on the track, the Lit Lords signature sounds shine through. You can hear Isiah strum on the guitar which is a unique feature you wont find in any of the other remixes on the compilation. Hard trap stampeding into your ears is what the production duo chose for their rendition with horns to tie it all together.

6Th Place: YDG

YDG from LA has been around for awhile but is finally starting to get the recognition he deserves. He lays on us, a heavy bass filled remix with incredible ingenuity and drawn out sounds that sound like the whistle of bombs dropping to the ground. He incorporates the original whistles so smoothly that he had to earn a top spot.

7th Place: Purowuan

Do not allow Purowuan’s remix to slide past your radar, I saw a video of this dropped live and the crowd reactions were stunning to say the least. A hardstyle legend, he uses his signature energetic speed to craft his remix! Hard trap synths dance between the sounds of the whistle and 808’s blast through the subs.

8th Place: ETC! ETC! & Jay Silva

You know the saying 2 is better than one; these 2 artists infuse both of their styles to create something remarkable in this remix. Infusing the sounds of moomba, trap, house, wonky bass & even a bit of a derivative of psy trance. Don’t sleep on our number 8 pick, the 2 show a creativity that OG producers can easily craft for their remix.

Honorable Mentions

JSTJR, Tye Guys, Gommi, Azaar, PURARI, Ponzoo, Fight Clvb

Check out the full compilation here!

Posted by:Raytrill Founder of TRILLVO

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