By: Sierra Bianchini

LGBT figure and NYC native, Kandy is the DJ that fixes our sweet tooth. Last month, Kandy came out to his family and fans; receiving nothing but love and support, especially by Diplo.

Kandy recently dropped a remix to a song the reminds us all of our teenage days, “Milkshake” by Kelis. Kandy teased his fans for a few weeks with clips of the song, building up the anticipation. Diplo even dropped the remix in his Boiler Room set!


When I first listened to this song, I felt like I was in the hippest club surrounded by queens everywhere. The beat to this Milkshake remix is very uppity, you can’t help but dance. This song is a heavy hitter and guaranteed banger to get the people going. Kandy is on the rise and will be the one you don’t want to miss at upcoming festivals!

Connect with Kandy: Soundcloud | Facebook | Instagram
Posted by:Sierra Bianchini

Guwop 1017. Cats. Champagne

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