Written by: Zakariya Aslane

What better way to cap off 4th of July week other than this past boat cruise? This was a special one for sure with Matoma! Earlier in the day, there was thunder, lighting, and heavy downpour for  hours. However, our veteran Boat Cruise Summer Series voyagers know that we set sail rain or shine.

Then came time for the show as the storm ceased its onslaught and opened the sky bringing out the sun  with beaming rays of light and some summer heat to get the party going in the right direction. One could feel the excitement in the air from the early arrival of many, many fans and voyagers, ready to get tropical on the Boston Harbor.

Once everyone was abroad, the music was cranked up loud, the bars were packed, and everyone was just full of joy to see Matoma rip it up. Down in the ‘brig’ aka the bass deck, there were a few local artists, such as Uncle Bob, dropping all kinds of bass for the more intense BCSS voyagers. Before Matoma, Antrik started the ocean tropical vibes. He brought all types of energy to get the packed crowd going and put their minds on a tropical island. As Antrik was the appetizer, it was time for the main course and that was none other than mister tropical vibes himself, Matoma!

Matoma may have been playing a chill and euphoric tropical set, but he brought out the fireworks because drop after drop, the crowd exploded with hype. If anyone looked closely, Matoma was wearing his custom made New England Patriots jersey and you just knew he was truly excited to be in Boston on the Boat Cruise Summer Series just as the crowd was for him to be playing.

Along with a killer tropical set as the sun was setting, the sky turned into rainbow sherbet with all kinds of purple and orange hues that was something truly beautiful. One could not have asked for a more amazing night than Matoma and beautiful weather on the Boat Cruise Summer Series.

Link to all other boats this summer on the Boat Cruise Summer Series: Boat Cruise Summer Series Boat Lineups


Posted by:Zak Aslane

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