Written by Zakariya Aslane

On the Boat Cruise Summer Series, voyagers will argue that some of our biggest and most hype boats in the past have been our bass boats. On June 29th, 2018 all debates may have been ended after what may have been easily the hardest bass boat the Boat Cruise Summer Series has ever witnessed.

This cruise was coined the “GUD VIBRATIONS BOAT PARTY” by none other than the bass and dubstep monsters in the electronic dance music community: Slander and NGHTMRE! They also brought along some friends that match their caliber.

First we were blessed by this up-and-coming artist that goes by the name, Whipped Cream. She has been killing it lately with originals and remixes with artists such as YehMe2 and her set was nothing short of amazing. She was hands down the perfect appetizer for all the bass heads on the boat. Next up we had Habstrakt and he brought even more bass, but threw on a house twist at times as well, which allowed the fans to get a different taste before the main course that was on the horizon.

We then arrived at the main event of the evening, Slander & NGHTMRE. They are known for having some of the heaviest, cutthroat, and intense back to back sets and the Boat Cruise Summer Series was blessed to not only witness one live, but on the waters of the Boston Harbor. Both Slander & NGHTMRE had the entire boat jumping and rocking for their entire set. The bass heads were getting smashed wave after wave of bass and dubstep and at times their faces showed signs of concern from how much they were receiving. All and all, history was made because this GUD VIBRATIONS BOAT PARTY may have been the hardest bass boat ever.

Overall, if you were not on the boat, then you missed history. However, you can still witness history with the Area 10 boat party with MK and Will Clarke on June 30th, 2018.

Link to all future boats on the Boat Cruise Summer Series: LINK TO ALL BOATS

GUD BOAT PARTY extra pic

Posted by:Zak Aslane

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