Written By: Erick Dimas

Straight from Amsterdam, Yellow Claw was back in town for another sold out show at Stereo Live. Ready to play some Amsterdam Trap Music.

The room went full dark, then you hear “untouchable you can never touch us, all in your face, there’s no way you can duck us. Bow down to the party nobody goes hard as us”. Yellow Claw rushes on stage and screams, “You know we go by the name of Yellow Claw!” and the crowd goes wild.

Yellow Claw from the start showed the Houston crowd no mercy playing banger after banger. The OG Yellow Claw fans lost it when they heard “IT’S A TRAP”. We knew what was about to come next, “KAOLO PT.1” followed PT.2, PT.3 and the unreleased PT.4.

yellow claw

Best moment of the night was when they played “Jah No Partial” Yellow Claw & Yung Felix remix one of the best remixes they have ever made. As the night went on we heard a lot more classic Yellow Claw songs like “Catch Me” and “Last Night Ever” just to name a few.

They played a lot of new music from the newly released album New Blood, the crowd sang along to “Both Of Us”, “Crash This Party”, and “Waiting”. One of the crowd favorite songs were “Public Enemy” and “Ocho Cinco”.

Before the night ended Yellow Claw gave one Orange Blood For Mercy Jacket that’s wasn’t even for sale yet. Yellow Claw once again killed it showed us why they are the party gods.

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Posted by:Erick Dimas

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