Written by: Mitch Tilley

Excision and Illenium have finally released their bass hitting ballad “Gold (Stupid Love)” and it’s the perfect fusion of two unique production styles. Word of a collaboration started in March, after Illenium tweeted about being in the studio with Excision. During Illenium’s memorable set at EDC Las Vegas, he brought out Excision for an epic throw down of the unreleased track.

Shallows’ ethereal vocals fill the room as the story of uncertain love is painted through music. Illenium’s melodic yet smooth chords slowly build up to the first break, which is filled with shattering drums. Influence from Excision’s style is seen during the first major drop where bone crushing bass and dubstep meet feelings of a lover’s struggle.

Keep an eye out for “Gold (Stupid Love)” at Lost Lands, it will definitely be a top hit, as Illenium and Excision take the stage as headliners.

Credit - YoshiYoshi4000 (DeviantArt)
Credit – YoshiYoshi4000 (DeviantArt)

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Posted by:Mitch Tilley

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