Written By Erick Dimas

It has been 3 years, 8 months, 10 days since RL Grime released the VOID album. RL Grime has been working on this album for quite some time, worked along sided many artist to make the album the masterpiece that it is. RL Grime fans are thrilled that NOVA season is here.

Photo By Andrew Keyser
“Light me Up” By Andrew Keyser

NOVA starts off with ‘”Feel Free”, the opening track of the album. From the beginning you can hear the direction RL Grime is taking on this album. There’s a completely different vibe to it. He has actually been playing the instrumentals to (2)”Shrine” for quite sometime now. This track features Freya Ridings who has an amazing voice, giving this song a powerful character.

 “A breath of fresh air in the world of dance music and a total expression and evolution of RL’s artistic view and unique sound.”-Dalton Smith (Founder of RL NOVA Team)

(3)”Light Me Up” was actually an old Jack U demo, (Diplo was the executive producer for this whole album) RL Grime brought Julia Michaels and Miguel for the vocals on this track. The vocals are amazing, it gives this really awesome summer vibe for festival season.  (4)”Undo” first premiered worldwide at Ultra Miami 2018 when he closed the worldwide stage. There’s only one way I can describe this song, it’s exactly what one of RL Nova Team members tweeted “me trying to understand how you took two of the softest voices in music and made one of the hardest trap bangers of all time”-@rlgrimey

NOVA has opened my eyes to an entirely new character of Henry. He’s stepped outside his comfort zone and created a masterpiece that really defines him. He’s a very unique and talented artist.” – Mitchell Eddy (Member of RL NOVA Team)

(6) “Take It Away” featuring Ty Dollar $ign and TK Kravitz, starts with a nice vibe but it gets dark. “It sounds like you start on a lazy river in the cosmos then when the drops hits you ride the tsunami of a solar system”-Zak Aslane (TRILLVO Member). (7)” OMG” features the heavy hitters Joji and the legend Chief Keef. Joji kills it on the hook and Chief Keef lays it down with his verse. Ill be expecting to hear this song on a lot festival sets.

RL Grime & Chief Keef

(7) “Shoulda”, this songs reminds me of Julia from his “VOID” album, it has that dark feeling to it. The best part of this song is the way it transitions perfectly into “REIMS”. (8) “REIMS” was the first single released on this album, everything in this song is perfect. It is one of Henry’s favorite songs to play in his live set.

NOVA is the perfect complement to VOID. It capture’s how RL Grime has changed and grown as an artist, and was clearly driven by more collaborative work – presenting a well-rounded, emotional, and meticulously planned album. Even though many of the songs were heard in sets or released, the layout of the album gives each song a new perspective and story as you listen through. I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out, and as a fan, I can’t wait to hear more” – Kristina Westervelt (RL NOVA Team Member)

(9) “Pressure”, this a collaboration with Boyz Noize, he has been playing this song in his live sets for while now.  The drop on this song will leave you feeling haunted while throwing those trap arms in the air. I expected this song to be in a lot of artist sets this festival season. (10) “Era”, the second single released of the album, it features Redman. It’s a high energy trap song, the last drop on it is a drum and bass. Henry’s really love his drums.

“RL Grime At Coachella Do Lab Stage” by Andrew Keyser

(11) “Run Your Life(Interlude)” is one of the best interludes that I have ever heard, you have close your eyes and vibe to it. The piano in the end transitions perfectly into “I Wanna Know”. (12) “I Wanna Know” featuring Daya, RL Grime went out of his comfort zone, exploring new ideas on this song.

“NOVA is the kind of album anyone can relate to. From start to finish you can feel every emotion imaginable laid out into the music, and somehow you feel and understand it all.”- Taylor Hinojosa (Founder of RL Nova Team)

(13) “UCLA” features 24hrs, giving a shoutout to RL Grime’s hometown Los Angeles in this song. It is one of the best written songs in the album showing Henry’s artistic style. (14) “Rainer” the best song of the album, it left me speechless. Tt starts off slow but then your hear the drums and the drops just blows your mind. It feel like you’re in space and once the song drops you’re inside a meteor shower, just standing there seeing all pass by you.(15) “Atoms” featuring Jeremy Zucker, the perfect song to end the album. It is a very emotional song, I feel like a lot of fans will connect with it.

Statement Released By RL Grime

The NOVA album was well worth the wait, it has something for everybody. It is awesome when an artist takes a risk at trying something new, this is a great example of it. He truly expresses himself with this album. I can’t wait to see how he integrates this album into his live set. Its NOVA Season, RL GRIME TRAP GOD IS BACK !

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