Written by: Michael Placencia, Isaiah Campbell, and Dustin Scoggin

The king of chord progressions is back! That’s right, Deadmau5 has decided to bless our ears with a brand new EP. It’s been quite some time since we’ve gotten any new music from this legendary producer. Thankfully, the musical drought has ended with this new EP. While the majority of Mau5ville: Level One focuses on the hit single “Monophobia” and its various remixes, there are still some other tracks that are welcomed additions. Even artists like Getter and GTA contribute songs of their own too!

Mau5ville Level 1

The EP begins with the short version of “Monophobia”. The first collab between Deadmau5 and Rob Swire in 10 years since “Ghosts ‘N Stuff”. This beautiful track is a testament to how well Joel Zimmerman can write such beautifully melancholy melodies. The track sounds exactly like what its title means. “Monophobia” is defined as an abnormal fear of being alone. And while the song itself still boasts some powerful amd relatable vocals thanks to Rob Swire’s passionate voice, it has that perfect touch of loneliness that only Joel (Deadmau5) knows how to provide.

For those of you Getter fans out there, you have probably been dying with antisipation for his new album, as we have. The album teases to be more melodic than anything we have heard from him yet, and that is why we love Getter’s track on the EP. “All Is Lost” Ft. nothing, nowhere is a beautifully melodic song that shows off a side of Getter we have only got glimpses of with tracks like this and his single “Solo“. This song definitly a contradiction because as beautiful as the song is the lyrics are dark, which also is a definite Getter influence. That’s why we are definitly classifying this as one of the favorite tracks on the EP, and one of our favorite Getter Tracks so far this year!

Listen to Getter – All Is Lost (feat. nothing,nowhere.) by Sen Toyo #np on #SoundCloud


“Something Like” by GTA may not have been the leading track on the EP, but it is still going to be as memorable as “Monophobia” and “All Is Lost”. The comical boo-ings, tongue clicks, and distorted laughs spread out on the track make for a humorous and comical song. It’s a great House track, and is structured well. It can be used in any House set without any problems. Expect it in more of your favorite artists’ mixes.

Image result for gta djs

The remixes that follow GTA’s track are worthy additions. “Rinzen” adds a dreamy touch to “Monophobia”, while ATTLAS delivers such a beautifully melancholy yet uplifting take on it. This is easily one of (if not) the best remixes on the entire EP. “Nyquist” is the hidden gem that was actually made four years ago when Deadmau5 was working on his While 1<2 album. Subsequently, the EP comes full circle as it ends, how it began, with the whopping ten minute version of “Monophobia.” Deadmau5 fans will appreciate this version more as they are accustomed to those longer tracks that are common with his releases.

All in all, there’s a little bit of something for everyone in this EP, but it’s clear that the star here is “Monophobia.” For good reason too, Deadmau5 has done a lot in his career so far. From an orchestral rework of some of his hit songs earlier this year, to scoring a movie whose title is still unknown. One can only wonder what this helmet-wearing icon will grace us with next.

Fore more on deadmau5, follow him on his socials below: Soundcloud|Instagram|Spotify|Twitter

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