Imagine discovering a genre of music that would forever change your life’s path. Gammer came across a Bonkers CD at a young age, and from there, turned Happy Hardcore into his way of life. These days Gammer continues to write UK Hardcore whilst pulling in many outside influences. He traverses through other genres and has recently collaborated with highly respected artists such as Mike Discala (Nero / CamelPhat) and Hudson Mohawke (G.O.O.D Music / TNGHT / Kanye West).

Gammer is a household name in Happy Hardcore and loved thoroughly throughout the hard dance community; his new track shows why. A dramatic buildup and hints of a gaming personal life, “Needed U” is the paragon of what Happy Hardcore should be! This track is everything we’d ever want from a legend and the dramatized build up leads into an incredibly non- disappointing drop characterized by lasers and synths that dance with kicks to a melody that will have crowds leaping around a festival.

The vocals in the break draw out a calm and melodic emotional side of the track which makes the song, as a whole, that much greater. The wide range of vibes that encompass this work of art truly give it a rollercoaster characteristic, almost like that of a movie.

The second drop takes a hard-Psy twist that literally made me squeal a bit the first time hearing it. You know the feeling when a track captures you fully and draws you in completely… thank you for providing that feeling for me with this track Gammer.

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Posted by:Raytrill Founder of TRILLVO

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