It’s only been a year since Matthew Lucas, a.k.a PEEKABOO, stepped onto the scene, and he’s quickly captured the attention of fans and artists around the world. His debut track, Aftermath, was widely supported by DJs such as REZZ and RL Grime, cementing his position as one of the acts to watch in 2017. He’s continued on his meteoric rise with the recent release of, “Disrupt The System”; a heavy hitting collaboration with the don of bass music himself, Bassnectar.

PEEKABOO Approved Press Photo 1

A key element of PEEKABOO’s music that has generated so much buzz is his flair for remarkable sound design and he flexes that ability on his 4 track EP. “Manic” showcases his love for the strange and experimental bass thats earned him the love of the community, including the cult of Bassnectar. PEEKABOO has a flair for haunting and evocative noises, like that of a scary movie, and delivers just that in this EP.

Inspired by spooky themes, horror movies and of course Friday 13th, his second EP for Liquid Stranger’s WAKAAN label solidifies his name in the bass realm. The title track “Manic” is a heavy hitter that reminds us of a chase scene in a graveyard horror flick. “Motion” provides the trippy, acid like sounds of the underground warehouse raves you may have wandered into on a strange night out. “Step it up” is an industrial wave of artistry that emulates the vibes of a dark and dungeon-like land. The final track, “Work Of The Devil” gives it’s name life and proves to be the darkest track on the EP.

Give the EP listen and find out why the name PEEKABOO is on everyone’s radar.


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Posted by:Raytrill Founder of TRILLVO

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