Written By: Hugo Pineda

It’s as if they knew I was really wanting to hear some Moombahton because their timing was impeccable with their joint release of the Spit Fiyah EP released on the Barong Family Label.

This Spit Fiyah, is filled with fire after fire in various ear pleasing forms that will no doubt be danced to all across the board.


The EP kicks off with ” Esa Cosa”  a solid Moombahton track with a kick and a latina asking for, “That thing”. Like any good Moombahton track would it has a hard kick and a dangerous latina.

Next we got, “Who is She” (feat. Dozay), a Latin House inspired track with Dozay doing his thing over the beat getting you amp’d about finding out who that girl is only to find out that she is the bomb like this song. This song comes with a Trap switch out of nowhere, flame.

The third track on the EP is, “Candela”( Feat. Godwonder), which bangs so hard with that Spanish Trap everyone is loving right now. Then the track falls into some more moombahton to add the dance vibe. More Flame!

After that we have, “Spit Fiya”, this kicks off right away so be ready. It’s super high energy hyping you up saying god knows what, but it doesn’t matter cause it goes hard every step  of the way. From pelvic thrust land, to Trap land. then to Techno land, and finally back to Moombahton. Burn the house down!

Finally, it ends with another kicker in “Bandit” its booming with Mommbahton and Trap influences to smooth things out for what is a great EP between ETC! ETC! and Jay Silva- It’s fuego!


We are fans of this project and we cannot wait to dance to these songs wherever we can catch these two talented producers. Do yourself a favor and have a listen to this EP. Check out the link below and tell us your thoughts on it and what is your favorite track or tracks. Be sure to be on the look out for more from these two!


The Music Plug


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