Written By: Hugo Pineda

We got ourselves another dope remix courtesy of JSTJR. He puts a cool techno spin on the track, “The Drop”, so cool in fact that this remix is currently smoking a cigarette in front of a no smoking sign at a restaurant but the manager will not ask him to put it out or leave solely out of respect because the manager has heard that there is some Hard Trap behind that cool techno exterior ready to be unleashed.

So don’t try to put the cigarette out because, you can’t, it’s too lit. Instead do yourself a favor and check it out below and tell us how cool you think this remix is, just like the example from above. As always make sure to tune in for more from Gammer and JSTJR. Enjoy!

For more on JSTJR, follow him on his socials below:

 Soundcloud |TwitterInstagram|  Spotify


Posted by:hugohugop

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