Written By: RayTrill & Erick Dimas

As a HUGE lover of bass music, the lineup for Dancefestopia was enough to blow me away. Nestled right on the outskirts of Kansas City, the grounds are equipped to provide you with an incredible experience, even without the artists. A camping experience combined with a 3 day festival in nature warrants the utmost attention from any electronic music, festival loving show goer.



Emerald City is magnificent! A map shows just how intriguing this festival truly is. A giant lake separates the festival grounds from the camping area, but who in their right mind would want to miss out on all that camping has to offer. Below, we provide a map of the grounds and a satellite image of the festival area.


Wow! After reading through a brief description of all that the festival has to offer, we were blown away! Even if you’re not a fan of bass music, there is so much this place has to offer. From what the forest has to explore to helicopter rides, zip-lining, pool parties, canoe trips, electronic bull, fireworks, enhanced production, FLUSHABLE TOILETS, showers, rock wall and hot air balloon rides… this is an adventure as much as a festival.

Stages and Production

The stages are insane from last year alone, and the production is out of this world… 4 stages provide an incredible experience no matter where you wander. EMERALD CITY MAIN STAGE, Lollipop Stage, Pyramid Mountain Stage & the Witching Stage. They also have sound camps running all night for those who prefer no sleep and a musical escape 24/7.


The Artists

This years lineup is INSANE! If you’re not familiar with the artists on this lineup, here’s who we are MOST looking forward to.

  • The pre party, massive circus record B2B of Flux – Doctor P – Funtcase – Cookie Monsta: WOW! There isn’t much else to be said… 4 legends going b2b for us… wow.
  • HE$H: A newcomer but quickly rising through the ranks, HE$H is a DO NOT MISS for any riddim loving junkie at this festival.
  • YOOKiE & ATLiens: They’re playing separate, but being two of the artists on the lineup that drop trap, they provide a wonderful deviate from straight dubstep, some of the best sets we’ve heard at TRILLVO.
  • Sullivan King: Plays live guitar… plays LIVE guitar… what else is there to say? He’s amazing.
  • Junkie Kid: The only person on the lineup that’s going to play hardstyle and he does it combined with a hispanic heritage touch that brings so much joy to even a non hardstyle lover’s ears.
  • Rusko: an absolute LEGEND that just beat cancer and deserves all the respect of your hours worth of attention.
  • Mad Zach: Someone we haven’t seen play yet but have heard sooo many good reviews about. Take the time to explore a newer artist.
  • HEKLER: The rising young prodigy of the bass community that’s innovating sound in a way that has never been done before.
  • Wuki: an artist that will drop multiple different genres and, if you explore his soundcloud, blow your mind with how many tracks he’s made that you might not have known were his.

We could keep going on and on and on… but literally… EVERY artist on this lineup is fire… every single one of them… don’t miss any of them ever. LMAO


Camping is an unforgettable experience for any festival, if provided… do it.. always… it’s a memory that will last a lifetime; worth every penny. There tends to be activities that regular festival goers will never experience and a wide range of up close and personal secret sets. The prices are affordable and typically beat hotel prices if you don’t mind roughing it a bit. They also offer CABINS! Relax lakeside in the gorgeous, shady and manicured Enchanted Forest or sleep safe and sound in the Sunflower Meadow. Don’t forget to add Thursday night camping for the full experience!

Prices, Buy, Interact!

Dancefestopia offers their own app so you can meet and interact with festival goers the entire trip so even if you’re going alone you can be adopted to a squad or learn the way to get the most out of your experience

Prices are SUPER affordable but will be selling out quickly

If you already have your 3 day festival ticket the pre party is only $40
General admission is only $180 ATM
VIP is $350 and includes luxury areas that even have wood burning fire pits
Super VIP is $500 and has access to UNFORGETTABLE views
Regular camping add on is $70
Luxury camping is $235
Cabins that house 12 people start at $4,500
RV camping is $100
The pool party is sold out and only a few enhancements remain. Add them online!

Buy Tickets Here!


Posted by:Erick Dimas

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