Written by: Michael Placencia

Halloween came early this year, as space mom has returned with what may very well be her darkest-sounding album yet. That’s right, one year later and Rezz is back with her sophomore album, Certain Kind of Magic. Last year, Rezz diluted our brains with Mass Manipulation. This year, Certain Kind of Magic follows up as a huge stepping stone of growth for Rezz. With more complex sounds than ever and equally haunting melodies, this album is full of music that will keep your senses (and your ears) spellbound. And it all starts at the “Witching Hour”.

Rezz Eerie background

“Witching Hour” is the perfect intro into this magical world of bass and mid-tempo goodness. Those first seven notes already set the mood for a more ominous album than ever before. The drop that hits gives us much of that heavy bass sound we’re used to, but the added notes give it a lighter side to all the darkness. “Hex” follows this up perfectly, as it is a match made in mid-tempo heaven. Yes, this year is the year Rezz and 1788-L have joined forces to give us a track that truly blows you away with such tremendous power. Both Rezz and 1788-L’s musical styles compliment each other well in this track. From Rezz’s haunting melody, to having it lead into that fierce bass drop from 1788-L.

“Flying Octopus” may not have been our favorite, but it’s appreciated for the lonely mysterious vibe it gives off. The highlight of the entire album for us was without a doubt, “Life & Death”. Rezz and Deathpact have teamed up for this extremely heavy-hitting song. The fact it starts off with the same bell ringing from Daft Punk’s “Aerodynamic” warns you that a storm of darkness is coming. Rezz flawlessly makes Dubstep her slave with those fluttering wubs once that dirty/gritty drop hits. The vocal sample saying “Life & Death” just adds such a creepy element to the track with its ever present undertones. This song will give you goosebumps in the very best of ways and it’s probably earned the title for one of Rezz’s darkest tracks.

Rezz 2

“Spider On The Moon” is yet another creepy addition to Rezz’s possessed library of musical demons. Hearing those vocal whisper samples and spine-chilling chords only adds a better effect to the payoff the softer type of drop it accompanies it with. It’s hard not to put this next song on a pedestal with “Life & Death”, but it definitely stands as one of Rezz’s most insane, crazy, psychotic, yet beautifully engineered tracks she’s ever done. Yes, “Teleportal” has everything and more that we could ever ask for in a Rezz song. And this is coming from a reviewer who still loves “Diluted Brains” more than anyone.

“Teleportal” marks a very high point for Rezz. As she teams up with Kotek for this track, she has pulled out what seems to be every trick from her arsenal. From the opening melody she’s always good at, to the pulse-pounding drums that sound as if it’s meshing to a guitar riff. To the drop which shoves that distorted bass down your throat, and makes you choke on it with happiness. This track alone is a testament to how much Rezz has grown as an artist. Kotek just adds those extra touches that make it even more better.

Rezz 1

“The Crazy Ones” definitely makes good on its name. It’s as if it’s an anthem for all the crazies out there with its levels of bass distortion and echoing notes that emit a sense of unease. Lastly, “Toxin” closes out the album as the only track with lyrics thanks to Fytch. This song seems well-suited to anyone who’s dealt with someone toxic in their life. Aside from that, we weren’t as fond of “Toxin”, but it’s a decent addition nonetheless. We would have much preferred a female vocalist instead.

All in all, Certain Kind Of Magic is definitely a more than worthy follow up to last year’s breakout success, Mass Manipulation. This album has shown Rezz’s growth as an artist as she doesn’t just stick to what she knows, and instead wows us with some of her darkest yet most captivating work yet. Deadmau5 may be the king of Mau5trap, but we think it’s safe to say Rezz is easily the queen. And we can’t wait to see what spellbinding adventure she’ll take us on next.

For more on Rezz and to keep up with future tour dates, follow her on her socials below:

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