Written By: Jake Hunter

The label, Firepower Records, has had some amazing songs released in the past and they are back with Flatline Vol. 9 EP, this time the four-track EP features tunes from Cherney, Tryple, MagMag, Blaqout, Diskirz and Dewaxed who are all upcoming producers in the dubstep scene!

The first track on the EP is by the man himself, Cherney, the track is named “Sweet Fear”  which starts off with a nice guitar riff and his signature “Cherney” vocal drop making this more than a standard dub track, with the build-up going into some nasty sound design this track is very unique and each drop was carefully made and is different from the last one!  You will be hearing this track all over.

Cherney Facebook 

The second track on the EP is by Dewaxed & Diskirz and it’s named ” Brain Surgery”.  This tune goes right into it with a nice synth build up and slaps right into the drop bringing the bassface out of its listeners, with this very dark and heavy hitting track.

The third track on this amazing EP is by Blaqout named ” Wheel it Back”.  This track has a different tone than the rest, its described as an upbeat riddim, with very intriguing sound design and drops. This tune is very catchy and you can really hear how crazy this tune is.

Blaqout Artist page

The final track on the Flatline Vol 9 EP is by Tryple named “Skyline” with MagMag on the vocals, this track is dark, evil and heavy. Starting out with a nice dark tone, and MagMag comes into the verse with some nice vocal, then it drops into a heavy riddim breakdown. These complex synths are only complemented with the unique sound design that Tryple brings to all his tracks!

Tryple Facebook

Overall this EP as some amazing upcoming talent on it and I can’t wait to see more from these guys and from Firepower Records!

Listen to the Full Flatline Vol 9 EP below:

MORE INFO ON FIREPOWER RECORDS: Website|Soundcloud|Facebook|Twitter|Youtube


Posted by:Jake Hunter

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