Written By RayTrill Harvey

Spaceland, the project that crept up on Houston like a cat in the night. The brainchild of Oh Bleep & Copeland Events that later joined forces with the Iron Chef of event planners; Johnny Bund and the Virtuosos Camp.

Photo By Evan Hammerman

Spaceland was amazing for many reasons but what stood out to us the most is every artist on the lineup had performed here recently, and yet the venue was still packed wall to wall; why is that? The sense of community, vibes and experience that the people involved in this show put into their work is superb and borders on next level. There was so much care and attention to detail that went into Spaceland which is why we rate it one of the best shows of the year.

Photo By Evan Hammerman

Nestled in the heart of Houston, Ayva Center is a whopper of a venue and basically a blank canvas to event planners seeking to build from the ground up. The giant warehouse has a centrally located bar that’s easily accessible and a large patio for smokers. The Room was set up with full production including CO2, lasers, giant LED wall & a larger than life spaceship bounce house. The restrooms accommodated a lot of people and there was never really a wait to get in and out.

Photo By Evan Hammerman
Photo By Evan Hammerman

By the time 9pm rolled around there was a noticeable line wrapped around the building; the hype was real. Festival goers came from all over to enjoy Spaceland and all it had to offer. The back walls were adorned with vendors selling merch and taking pictures for people to remember their experience by.

Photo By Victoria Garces
Photo By Victoria Garces

As DRU hit the stage, there was already a noticeable crowd building at the rail! DRU started off with bass house but wasted no time dipping into the harder bass genre’s he’s known for. As the crowd filled up, Havok Roth prepared to take the stage. Havok is known for his experimental trap sounds that have graced the sets of stages worldwide for years and he wasted no time showing us why he’s a household name. Dack Janiels was soon to follow and his follow-up was intense as he blasted riddim and dubstep throughout the already packed out Ayva Center floor. Lasers and smoke-filled the room as the finger bang duo of Arius greeted their fans. The couple showed us why Arius isn’t going anywhere anytime soon as Tessa did her thing on the midi controller! A flub of the power switch turned off the power momentarily which only caused the crowd to erupt with energy even harder as it came back on.

Photo By Evan Hammerman
Photo By Evan Hammerman

Closing out the night was first, Dirty Audio! Dirty Audio played one of the best sets I’ve ever seen from him as he effortlessly controlled the crowd and even brought out a surprise guest for some unreleased tunes with Carbin. Finally, Crizzly and his MC made their way onto the stage of Spaceland! A Pizza float was thrown into the crowd and Carbin crowd surfed the night away as Crizzly ended the night with absolute perfection!

Photo By Evan Hammerman
Photo By Evan Hammerman

Show Attendee Final Thoughts

Loved Spaceland. I liked how they opened up the back of the venue up for more space and the for the vendors back there. It felt like a stage at a festival, a lot of hard hitters on the lineup, people where on the rail all night with dancers in the back of the crowd and people chillin on the floor at the very back taking a rest. Although I didn’t get to take a photo (TFTI 😆), the photobooth was an awesome touch. – James Chapa

I was going to miss this show, but I’m glad I went. The whole event was amazing from start to finish. The sound system/production was top-notch 👌🏼 and of course, the line up was fire. Oh and let’s not forget the UFO blow up house 🛸 –Daniel Ayala

Spaceland was one of the best underground events to incorporate the mainstream side of edm. It was a huge effort by so many people and ended up being a complete experience, not just an “event”. To bounce back from changing from a warehouse to showing that Avya is a top venue was a testament to all the teams involved. Bianca Stewart and the Wyldnights team ran around working their butts off and the street promoters pulled in so many different people. The sound, production, all was as close to a 90s warehouse rave as possible – Dustin Borde

Back end being opened was a plus. It also allowed flow artist to sit comfortably, flow comfortably and overall easily able to socialize while the music played. The UFO bounce house was cool and enjoyable for everybody.
Beverages were properly priced. Drinks were about 8-10$ (including house cocktails) and bottle waters were 2$ and I believe cups were about 1$; sodas were bout 3$, this allows under 21, or those staying sober, to stay hydrated. Security was really friendly but professional. Music… Well it speaks for itself. It was heavy and welcoming. Vibes were fantastic and overall a very memorable night. – Cristian Callejas

Posted by:Raytrill Founder of TRILLVO

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