Experimental bass music is a constantly changing genre in the electronic world, and it’s rising from the underground more and more everyday. There are many people to thank for it’s come up in popularity and we had the opportunity to pick Champagne Drip’s brain – one of experimental bass music’s up-and-coming producers.

Champagne Drip has entered the scene with a splash! Transitioning from the world of drum and bass, where he played as SPL. Champagne Drip has been making a name for himself through festival appearances, killer collabs and his new EP, Obelisk.

champagne drip

As bass music enthusiasts, we were thrilled to get an inside look within the world of free form bass. Check out what Champagne Drip had to say:

Q: Champagne Drip is fairly new to the freeform bass world. You were once producing drum and bass as SPL. What inspired you to make the change and create Champagne Drip?

A: I felt stuck at the time so I thought it would be a breath of fresh air to try something new and build a new project with all of the things I had learned while creating as SPL.

Q: Your latest EP, Obelisk, is taking the scene by storm. Can you talk a bit about that – What inspired the unique style we hear throughout?

A: Thank you! The EP is a culmination of everything I had learned up through this year. I was inspired by psychedelic experience and musical experimentation through pushing the limits of what I could do with my computer. I strive to create landscapes in the mind.

Obelisk EP – champagnedrip.com

Q: Experimental bass in general is growing in popularity in the scene. What do you think it takes (production wise) to truly be ‘experimental’ in the bass world?

A: I think you have to be patient and willing to learn and experiment. I spent a lot of time getting to know my synthesizers and effects. The more I get the hang of something the more I can try to “break” the tools and break the rules. Once you have an aresenal of techniques you can be more fearless.

Q: If you were given the reigns to book any 3 headliners for your own festival who would you book?

A: – The Orb
Cirez D
– Tool

Photo from insomniac.com

Q: Favorite champagne brand?

A: Veuve Cliquot. If we are talking about sparkling wine in general I would go with Lucien Albrecht Cremant d’Alsace Brut Rose

Q: The WAKAAN camp is leading the experimental bass revolution. What’s it like being a part of a team with huge names like Liquid Stranger and Space Jesus?

A: The best part is that these guys are great friends. I go back years with Liquid Stranger so we have a special friendship, love and trust. Space Jesus and I have become closer over the last year and he just moved to LA so we will be doing more music together.

Champagne Drip, Luzcid, Liquid Stranger and Peekaboo – Photo by @tessapaisan

Q: What’s the future look like for experimental bass?

A: I don’t know, and that’s the most exciting thing. It keeps getting bigger and better!

Q: What’s next for Champagne Drip? Any tours, collabs or albums in the works?

A: I’m working on a lot at the moment. I have a pretty rigorous production schedule between shows so I’m nearly done with my next EP. As far as collaborations go, I have tracks with Liquid Stranger, Space Jesus, Minnesota & LSDREAM to name a few. More dates keep getting booked too so keep an eye out at champagnedrip.com, my Twitter and Instagram to stay up to date. Since I’m starting to get ahead of schedule I’ve even been tossing around the idea of doing a full length LP in the next year.


The Trillvo team is honored to have had the chance to talk with Champagne Drip and get a look inside electronic musics fastest growing genre. Champagne Drip is at the forefront of the bass music revolution and we could not be more excited to watch his growth. Keep an eye out for this guy – we see big things coming in the future! We here at Trillvo will be not so patiently waiting for more.

Connect with Champagne Drip

Soundcloud | Twitter | Facebook | Website

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