Written by: Jake Hunter

The king of the era has returned with his fourth album Apex.  This 14-track album is proving to be the top tier of his career. Excision complements his signature sounds with killer hits like “1 on 1” with Space Laces and “Wake Up” With Sullivan King just to name a few of the amazing collaborations you can find in Apex.

This album gives his die-hard fans the bass and tunes they been craving and wanting while also creating a nice market for new fans with how open this album is.

Photo By Rukes.com

Excision is top of the game in bass music and always provides grade A production when he tours with amazing visuals, sound (PK Audio) and stage presence; it makes it very worth to come out to his shows when he tours and even when you see him on festival lineups!

Photo By Rukes.com

Apex is an album for all listeners to enjoy, as long as you are ready to break your necks. It’s definitely a hype for upcoming festivals that Excision is performing and hosting such as, Bass Canyon and Lost Lands in September and Freaky Deaky in late October!

Photo by Rukes.com

Enjoy the climb to the top of this mountain and stream Apex below!

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Posted by:Jake Hunter

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