Written by: Michael Placencia

With singles like “Coupe”, “Swisher”, “Break”, and “Mental” already under his belt, NXSTY can confidently add another one in his collection of insanely hot tracks in the form of “Catch My Vibe”. This time teaming up with Badrapper, and ALLDAMNDAY on vocals. The song begins with ALLDAMNDAY singing the words “She catch my vibe” and then swells up into what leads you into a drop that’s sure to blow you away. That is, if the bass already hasn’t.


If Badrapper contributed to the first drop, then consider NXSTY to have had a hand in the second drop. Because those screeches will grab hold of you and never let up. We’re extremely glad NXSTY finally teamed up with Badrapper on a track, because it surely pays off here. The fact that Excision just opened one of his recent sets with NXSTY’s “Coupe” is saying a lot to how fast NXSTY is skyrocketing as an artist. So please, treat your ears to this Hybrid Trap gold.

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Posted by:michaelplacencia

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