Writen by: Adrian Pineda

Soulecist and Xanubis link up for the coolest chillest freshest Hip-Hop track that plays at a summer party when it’s time for you to slide over where your eyes have been wanting to be all night.

Be smooth like this song and that’s checkmate at the end of the party, lucky for us this song is cool so if you just vibe to it then that makes you cool by association. Now just chill out and say something fresh like the title of the song along with a compliment, or you can just go with the flow and say you’re famous.


    I’m with this track and I know you are too. Be sure to check the song out in the link below.

Follow Soulecist: SoundcloudFacebook | Spotify |  Instagram
Follow Xanubis: Soundcloud |  Spotify |  Youtube |  Snapchat


Posted by:hugohugop

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