Written By: Christian Salcedo

Around mid-July, Ekali released Helios  as the first song to be released from the new Forthcoming EP.  The Canadian producer, Ekali, decided to pair up with the Australian duo, SLUMBERJACK, to make the beautifully soothing track.


  “Helios” starts off with this soothing, high-end synth that slowly decays to a rhythmic blend of naturalistic sound design accompanied with light background vocals to tie it all together.  The song definitely has that feel good, brighter tone vibe while still incorporating a natural sound design that cuts deep to your emotions and thoughts.

To the unexpected listener, you would think the entirety of the song is soft and subtle, but man do these foreign producers know how to switch it up.  The Drop begins, and an aggressive darker side of the artist begins to flow.  Returning back to its subtle harmonic natural environment.


Yvng Jalapeño had some other ideas in mind to drive a more festival heavy track.  Yvng Jalapeño, an Australian producer named Jordan, has been getting recognized with his creative adjustments to tracks he decides to challenge.

As you come across Yvng Jalapeños edit, not only do you recognize the nice soothing acoustics and naturalistic sound Ekali and SLUMBERJACK incorporated, but also an unexpected vocal (from RL Grime – “I Wanna Know” ft. Daya) begins to blend with the track.  Riser starts, and the recognition of a trap drop ensues, and a wicked festival track is born.

Yvng Jalapeño

Yvng Jalapeño is known for having dry, high frequency driven tones that similarly mimic the sounds of engineered cow-bell noises.  Honestly, giving this song that secret ingredient it was missing to be played around during festival season.  Ekali even mentions that he thinks the song “Helios” alone is the peak of aggression for his Forthcoming EP also proclaiming that majority of his music produced isn’t really meant for festival bangers.

Driven to prove people wrong with the doubt of his talents as a producer/artist, Ekali set out for an album to be produced.  With Yvng Jalapeños edit, massive work done for this song definitely gives the shit-talkers a taste of their own medicine.

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Posted by:Christian Salcedo

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