Written by: Michael Placencia

“Machines are forever.” These are the words you hear after that beautiful piano leads into a robotic voice proclaiming that all machines shall reign supreme one day in the future.

“FULL/BURST” is the first song to start off what is truly a mechanical landscape of wonder, destruction, and evolution. 1788-L has teamed up with totto on this track, and their efforts certainly paid off with how strong of an opening song this is. Especially for an EP. The second half of the track hits heavy with those low bass sounds.


“NU/VER/KA” continues the cybernetic dominance as it progresses into one of the most unexpected drops ever considering it almost pauses until the bass comes thumping in. A Tron-like vibe is given off midway through the track, emitting more robotic words as it fades out perfectly.

“FORCE/IMPULSE” is by far the best of the EP. 1788-L takes us to a cybernetic utopia, until it quickly turns into a battlefield that is. The song opens with birds chirping with beautiful serene sounds until what very closely sounds like a transformer in the process of morphing as the buildup drops us into a war zone of heavy bass, mid-tempo, and low sounding madness that will take hold of you. 1788-L goes all out with this track, and we love every second of it. It’s as if Terminators, Transformers, and any other machine you can think of were clashing for dominance within this track.

1788-L Sentience Red

Last but certainly not least, “ASTRAY/R” closes out the EP by starting off with more calming piano musical structures. It then once again drops us headfirst into a mechanical wasteland of sorts. What makes this track so interesting and even more memorable is how it easily yet surprisingly switches from Mid-tempo to drum and bass after that serene bridge. It’ll make your heart rate go from calm to crazy in an instant.

1788-L has already made a big splash upon the scene this year. He’s even done a collab with Rezz! Elevating and bringing Mid-tempo music to the forefront of EDM while making it more recognized and ushering in a new appreciation for the craft. And based on this EP alone, we believe it’s safe to say that 1788-L is set to have a huge remainder of 2018.

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Posted by:michaelplacencia

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