Written by: Michael Placencia & Dustin Scoggin

Eminem. Slim Shady. Marshall Mathers. Rap God. So many names surround this multi-talented artist, and all of them and more culminate into what is Kamikaze. That’s right, Eminem is back in his true raw, ruthless, and relentless form. It hasn’t even been 9 months and he’s already dropped a retaliation album of sorts to all the naysayers.

People doubted, dissed, and wrote him off, and he wasn’t having it. Eminem is back with his 10th studio album Kamikaze, which is on track to break records once again. As of now the album is on track to be #1 on Billboards 200 chart. If achieved, this will be Eminem’s 9th #1 album, out of 10. Not to mention, would make him the first artist in history to have 8 consecutive #1 albums. Let that sink in for a second.


For years artist have spoken openly about not wanting to challenge Eminem, referring to him as a “dictionary”, or “Rap God”. Well, it seems over the last year, people were forgetting who they were bashing, and though he stayed silent up until this point, Eminem has spoken out with Kamikaze.

From the moment the first track starts you know that the Rap God is here to destroy. “The Ringer” is the first track on the album, and he opens with “I feel like I want to punch the fucking world in the face right now.” So you can see where this is going. This track alone has almost 70 disses, and covers everyone from Lil Uzi, Lil’ Pump, media, even his own fans. The “Gucci Gang” mockery was hilarious as it is. This track is by far one of the most ruthlessly truthful songs on this album. And it’s also one of our absolute favorites.

“The Ringer” mentions some of Em’s issues with mumble rappers, and calls them all out. From start to finish, this track is Eminem in top form. It’s also a track the Hip Hop game needed. Because Em is fed up with all those who doubted him or thought he was past his prime. This track is proof he’s still got more than enough fight in him.

In the next track, he takes it a step further. “The Greatest” is for sure directed at the upcoming artists who have challenged, or not challenged Eminem, including his former group mates, D12. “Revival didn’t go viral!” That line alone sums up how even Shady has recognized his faults from his previous album. He’s not afraid to admit that sometimes he falls flat, but he’s also quick to come back twice as hard.

2018 iHeartRadio Music Awards - Show

“Lucky You” changes things up as Shady allows Joyner Lucas to show his skills. And show them he does. This track is definitely angry Rap worthy. “Can’t fuck with you rappers you practically sucking, you might have won platinum but that don’t mean nothing”. From there, he speeds up his flow and it just fits so well. These first three tracks of Kamikaze will grab you by the throat and cling on until you’ve gotten the message Em is trying to send. “Why don’t we make a bunch of fucking songs and mumble?” Yet another line that stands out and is another one of our favorites. Eminem has really gone all out, especially with his fast raps coming at you unexpectedly. What’s probably one of our favorite aspects of the album is in the return of a famous skit.

That’s right, Em’s manager Paul makes a return in the form of another voicemail skit. He attempts to make sense of the new album and what Em is trying to achieve. He even looks forward and asks what Eminem will do when everyone he dissed decides to retaliate. “What’s next? Kamikaze 2?” There’s truth in this question, because within 24 hours of Kamikaze’s release, MGK shot back with his own diss track. But who knows, maybe this is exactly what Em wanted. This topic alone could honestly warrant its own separate article, so until then we’ll touch upon that another time. “Normal” is a great track for any guy who’s had trouble with a crazy girlfriend (or ex) that just doesn’t seem to grasp normality.

Eminem Fall

“Em Calls Paul (Skit)” is another humorous intermission as Eminem replies to Paul about a person who criticized Em’s rhymes. The end of the skit only makes it better. “Stepping Stone” is a really big heartfelt apology from Em about the breakup of D12 and the path that led to it. Royce da 5’9″ lends his talents to this banger. Not only is the opening catchy, but the production is on point. In fact, this album has some strong producers such as, Dr. Dre, Illa da Producer, Mike Will Made It, and many more. The album’s title track, “Kamikaze” has a goofy beat, but Em once again hits us with his lyrical stylings. “I teabag the microphone cause I go nuts on it.” This and many more bars Eminem throws at you are simply memorable.

“Fall” has one of the most addictive beats of any track on the entire album. It’s also a really good song about refusing to give in to any unnecessary troubles that aren’t worth worrying over. “You forgot I’m the God that made ‘Not Afraid'”. Just one line that calls back to another powerful album in Eminem’s repertoire. You can also check out the new music video below!

“Nice Guy” and “Good Guy” are essentially two halves of the same whole. As the two tracks hint at a previous relationship Eminem had with someone who got fed up with him focusing more on his music than her. It’s an interesting way to tell a story as the songs are shorter, but when put together, they tell a relatable tale to many.

Eminem Venom

The only track that slightly falters on Kamikaze is “Venom”. While not a bad song, it doesn’t have the same lyrical effect as most of the other tracks on the album did. Although given the fact this track was also made for the movie of the same name, the lyrics used are actually very well suited for the characteristics of the Venom character from the Spider-Man comics. Even the beat has a darker sound to it to suit the vibe of the track better. “I’m the super villain dad and mom is losing their marbles to, you marvel that, Eddie Brock is you, and I’m the suit so call me Venom…” That’s easily the best line of the entire song.

There’s no escaping it, Kamikaze was meant to be controversial. It’s meant to trigger those mumble rappers. It’s meant to turn the Hip Hop world upside down and weed out the real artists from the fake ones. For all those naysayers who always say Eminem hasn’t been good since 2002, you just got proved wrong. With MGK already having fired back with his own diss track, we can only imagine who will be next to step up to the plate and challenge the rap god. One thing is certain, this album is easily the best of ANY album for 2018. Welcome back Eminem. Welcome back.

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