Just recently, GG Magree spent some time in Salt Lake City, Utah for Das Energi Festival. Playing the main stage alongside 1788-L, Anna Lunoe, Chris Lake, REZZ, and Deadmau5. We at Trillvo got the chance to talk to her about the music industry, and her musical background. Below you will fin the transcription of our audio interview.

Trillvo: What inspired you to get into the music business?

GG: I think for me music has just been something I’ve been into. I just didn’t know how deeply into it I’d get. I play the guitar, I play the piano. My father owns nightclubs, so I just got into music. I also used to throw these parties in university, and they would sell out. I liked the music, but I was thinking I could do better; creating the music, because I know it. I taught myself how to DJ. I then found out that I could sing. The whole feeling has been natural, which tells me I know I’m doing the right thing.

GG: When I first started DJing I started out playing disco records, so the way that I mix, is in the style of a disco DJ. People watch me, and they’re like, “yo, you’re kinda weird.” and I’m like “I know, I have a sort of weird style. It’s odd but it works for me.”

Trillvo: It’s a weird style that people tend to not gravitate towards as much. 

GG: Yeah! Also, people make pre-made edits, I don’t do that. It’s all live. I don’t pre-make anything. It’s on the fly, so sometimes it gets a little rusty.

Trillvo: It’s cool though. it means you’re actually spinning these tracks.

GG: Exactly. I think it’s the little bumps that makes things beautiful. 

Trillvo: So before all this what did you listen to?

GG: I always listened to rap. I was obsessed with Eminem, and I used to work at Universal Music for free Eminem merch, from age 12 to age 16. I was obsessed. Utterly disgustingly obsessed. I told my dad that I was going to lose my virginity to him. 

I also listened to soul, like Erykah Badu. And listened to metal a little bit too, like Slayer & Metallica, Disturbed. I listen to everything. But yeah it was mostly mainly rap. 

Trillvo: What is the most fun part about being you?

GG: My whole life is fun. I have so much energy, I’m a super hyper person. People get that when they first meet me. Everything I do, I try to make it as fun as possible. There are serious moments in life but my job is the most fun thing, alongside my friends and family. Being able to write music is so cool. being able to tell stories through music is so great. People coming up to me and telling me how “Ghost” would make them cry, is such an amazing feeling. 

Trillvo: Where do you see the electronic music industry right now, and where do you see it going in the future?

I think it’s in a really cool spot because, in the past it was so segregated to house music, progressive house, dubstep, drum and bass, trap, and pop to give an example. There were so many genres. Now it’s one big shamble, and I love that. Everyone’s like “what kind of music do you play?” I play, like, bangers. I play fun party dubstep. But I also have a house section, and I’ll play a mixture of 90’s music. I think that’s the coolest thing because people aren’t completely “genre-fied”. People won’t have to think that they need to play dubstep all the time “because I’m playing the dubstep stage”. I played in between Mika, who goes by Born Dirty, and 1788-L. Mika’s house music, and  1788-L is mid tempo. I almost want to say he’s industrial because he sounds like something I’d want to play in a warehouse, it’s so grimy. 

I think music is in such a cool spot because you’re more free to do whatever you want.

Trillvo: Do you play video games?

I don’t. I have ADD and ADHD, so I’m not too good with video games. I find it hard to focus on one thing at a time. I do play Tetris on my phone sometimes on my phone when I’m flying. I used to play video games, I used to play Call of Duty and Crash Bandicoot. I finished Crash twice. I’m just obsessive.

I am going on tour with Borgore, and I know he’s a massive Fortnite fan so I’m assuming I’m gonna start doing that soon. 

Trillvo: You’ve made and have been featured on tracks with Zeds Dead, Jauz, Borgore, LAXX, and NGHTMRE, and have official remixes from Megalodon, Aazar, Habstrakt, Wuki and Hunter Seigel. What’s next for you? What should we be looking out for?

So, people are gonna be weirded out by what I’m gonna do next, because I’m known for being this bass chick. The next thing I’m gonna do is not gonna be bass. It’s super exciting. I have a lotta music coming out within the next month or two. Plus I have a fashion label called Yeah Pussy, and I’m releasing new T-Shirts that say “Do You Feel Sexy?”.

We actually had some shirts on sale at Red Rocks and they sold out, so I decided to make more. I wasn’t sure how they were gonna go so I put out a couple hundred, and they sold out almost immediately, so I just thought to myself “I should probably make more of those”. It’s super cool

If you had to choose one of the following to disappear from existence, what would you choose? Salt or Pepper?

Pepper. I hate pepper. I’m a salt girl. I love how salt tastes. I lick salt. It’s really gross. I swim in the water and I lick my skin. When pepper gets up your nose it’s the worst.

Which fast food chain, in your opinion, could be a front for the Illuminati or a secret world organization? Explain your reasoning.

Nandos. It’s only based in London, really. So like, I feel that the Illuminati goes and meets there, get a little cheeky Nandos. That restaurant has a special sauce on their chicken, and I believe the Illuminati is down in the basement just cooking up that secret special sauce. 

I love Nandos, maybe I’m in the Illuminati. 

What is your favorite road food (besides Nandos)?

Ooh, I love Perfect Bars. They’re like, almond bars but it tastes like heaven. They come in almond and peanut butter flavors. They’re so delicious. You have to try them. They have to be refrigerated, but you can melt them down and put them on ice cream. You can find them at Whole Foods, or some Starbucks. Even if I’m not hungry at the airport, and I see them, I’ll literally scream, take a photo and send it to my friends. And they’re like “We get it, you like Perfect Bars.” (PERFECT BARS PLEASE SPONSOR ME, I’VE DM’ed YOU). 

Favorite food to eat while at home?

Umami burgers. They are delicious. I don’t eat meat so I eat those. I also love sweet potato chips that come with them, and dipped in aoli. You can also put avocado on your burger and it’s the best. So important.

Who in the music industry have surprised you when they told you they listen to your music?

I remember the first time I talked to Zeds Dead. They hit me up and said “Hey, we love your music!” and I was like, “What?” And they said “Yeah! We wanna sign your next two singles to our label! 

Everything that has happened to me in the industry has happened so smoothly. I do what I do, and I do it the best way I can, and if people like it then that’s awesome. If they don’t, I don’t really care, because I like what I like, and I’m only gonna do that. You gotta be you. 

Is there anything else you wanna say to your fans?

Thank you guys so much for listening to me, and having fun. The only reason I do what I do is so that I can look out and see everyone smiling and having a great time. If you ever watch me, you’ll see that pretty much the entire set I laugh at myself, and I’m smiling, I just get so excited.

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