Written by: Michael Placencia

i_o is back to hack us yet again. This time with his Fatal Error EP. If you still haven’t heard his previous work, do your ears a kind favor and jam his Soundcloud right now!

As with his EPs earlier this year, this one continues down that deep dark daunting techno path. “Something” is a perfect example of those close intimate club settings where it’s almost completely dark, yet that one screech sets it off. You hear it loudly within “Something” and although the bridge is calmer, once it gets back to that techno drop, you’ve already been infected.


Easily the best of the three in our opinion, “Permissions (Believe)” is a lighter side of i_o we don’t see that often, but it’s welcome nonetheless with its progressive tones. Parts of the track even sound reminiscent of Eric Prydz in a way.

This seven minute journey surely will take you on a meditative ride. “Believe me, better things are coming your way,” a voice comes from out of the shadows towards the middle of the track with that inspiring message. It’s the perfect touch for an already perfect track.


“Warehouse Use Only” returns us to i_o’s dark world. One thing we’ve always appreciated with i_o are his kicks. He always seems to choose the right ones every time. You can hear some of the deepest kicks within this track. The claps and high hats really add that classic techno feel. A very beautiful progressive bridge comes in a little after the three minute mark. The drop that follows continues that rave-worthy tone long into the night.

i_o consistently continues to deliver EP after satisfying EP. His releases this year alone are already enough to be compiled into a full length album. If this dark and mysterious artist continues to release music of this quality this fast, we can only imagine how far and how quickly i_o will grow in just this year alone. For an artist with music so dark, their future is sure looking bright!

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Posted by:michaelplacencia

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