To want to become a DJ in this industry… it’s a tough path to go down and follow. You have to go through many ups and downs, gig after gig after gig. To just get to the point where you feel comfortable, and ready to go further. For Houston local, Andru, better known as DRU, he came down that path with guns ablazing ready to make his permanent footprint! With his wholesome attitude, and caring mentality onto the scene, he brings crazy energy and esophagus-shaking tunes straight into your ear holes. I got the chance to pick his brain and get to know more about his story.


Check out our interview below:

DRU has started getting into producing, and has come out with his FIRST release! This track takes a different turn down the path, and brings out a more sentimental side of DRU. We couldn’t be more proud of you DRU, keep striving for more!

Please enjoy the track below:


Now back to your regularly scheduled bass in your face, blast the sounds of DRU’s latest mix straight from the TRILLVO Soundcloud.

Stay connected with DRU:

Posted by:Victoria Garces

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