Written by: Stephanie Huynh

Released on Night Bass, AC Slater’s Undefeated Champions is an EP consisting of 3 tracks, with each track being a collaboration between Wax Motif, Chris Lorenzo, and Redlight.

“Legit” is the first collaboration on the EP with Wax Motif, an Australian DJ who has definitely been killing it in the house scene. This song has a long buildup, but the electro-sounding drop makes it worthwhile.

The second one, “Giant Mouse”, is a collaboration with the talented Chris Lorenzo. You can hear Chris Lorenzo’s signature sound in the catchy riff, and after listening to this song, you will definitely be asking the DJ to run this track over and over again.

Last track on the EP is “Ultra Hype”, a collab between AC Slater and Redlight. This bouncy track mixes in Redlight’s UK Bass sound to create a tune that will make you get up and dance.

The title says it all: an EP consisting of tracks produced by “undefeated champions” of the Night Bass family.

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Posted by:Stephanie Huynh

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