Born and raised in Vancouver, Bowen Sanderson (aka NXSTY) has been making huge moves upon the electronic music world. With enough singles released to make up an entire album, and with even more unreleased tracks that are yet to set your speakers ablaze, NXSTY is just getting started.

Specializing in Hybrid Trap, NXSTY excels at those hard, dirty, screechy sounds that blend together so well. He also released his new track, “Winter” just recently which has a softer yet experimental side…at least until the drop hits. You can check out the track below!

Lucky for us, we got to get to know a little more about this uprising Hybrid Trap star with this exclusive interview.


TRILLVO: How old were you when you started producing and what led you to that route?

NXSTY: I first downloaded FL studio when I was about 12 and I took one look at it and it gave me the biggest headache so I deleted it, but then I got it again when I was 14 and was hooked on learning new things everyday

TRILLVO: What is the story behind the name, NXSTY?

NXSTY: I was always trying to make the hardest trap/hip hop beats that I could and after showing my music to my friends they would always say it’s “nasty” so I decided it fit, and would also give me a reason to live up to my name to go further every time I make something new

TRILLVO: Hybrid Trap has certainly risen in popularity over the past year. Was it your idea to produce in and around that genre? Or do you leave yourself open to other genres?

NXSTY: I always fell in love with that sound when I first heard it, I think I always end up falling into that genre when you are trying to make the hardest trap you can make, but I’m always open to all genres. I make soul and r&b music under a different alias by the name of “licka rish” it always is nice to take a break from the hard stuff and go the complete opposite direction

TRILLVO: Your tracks received great reception and have been played by some major artists this year. Were there any artists in particular that surprised you by playing your music?

NXSTY: I think Excision, Dillon Francis and Troyboi shocked me the most, because I’ve listened to them forever and to know that the music I make reached them and they like it enough to try it on a crowd will always baffle me; and I am forever grateful for it because they are the reasons I started in the first place

TRILLVO: You’ve done quite a few collaborations this year. What other artists are you eager to work with?

NXSTY: I’m excited to work with artists that want to innovate the genre of trap and bass music as much as I do such as Krischvn, Bailo, UNKWN, Sludge and many more.

TRILLVO: How do you feel about the Electronic music culture and do you feel it has changed recently or over the years?

NXSTY: I feel it has definitely changed a lot in the recent years and it’s always interesting to see what’s next, but it’s definitely always hard to predict what it holds in the future.

TRILLVO: How often do you find yourself working on music? And is there anything in particular that inspires you to work on new tracks?

NXSTY: I try to do it all day everyday as much as I can but it is very important to take breaks whenever I can to let my head breathe to make room for more ideas.

TRILLVO: What advice would you give to young producers barely starting out?

NXSTY: I think one thing I would tell them is to make as many friends as you can because those things will last forever; and don’t forget about the ones you had since day one because they will always support you. I also feel you should focus on making the best product you can first before sending your music out to make sure you have the best chance of getting it heard.

TRILLVO: What do you hope to accomplish within the next year and beyond?

NXSTY: I hope to explore the world of music more and hope to make more friends along the way to do it with.


We also decided to have some fun questions for NXSTY to take a break from all the serious questions.

TRILLVO: Favorite food to eat while at home or on the go?

NXSTY: Sushi’s pretty cool, something I can always make room for.

TRILLVO: What country would you want to play in next?

NXSTY: I really would like to play in Europe or Asia that would be amazing because I’ve never been there.

TRILLVO: What’s been your favorite show you’ve played so far?

NXSTY: My favorite show was probably the last LA show I did; It had the best energy no matter what I played and I got to meet so many cool people that listened to my music for a long time.

TRILLVO: Favorite leisure activity? (video games, sports, etc.).

NXSTY: I like to snowboard a lot when the weather is appropriate in Vancouver, also mountain bike in the summer. 

TRILLVO: What’s one thing you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t done yet?

NXSTY: Skydive, hopefully I’ll get to it.

TRILLVO: If your music were to be featured in a movie (past, present, or future), which movie would it be?

NXSTY: I think it could work definitely in any horror or thriller movies, would be sick to see that happen.

TRILLVO: Anything you’d like to say to your fans?

NXSTY: Thank you for everything, you are more than just fans to me, you guys are the reason I keep going and can’t wait to show you what’s next for us.

For more NXSTY, follow him on his socials below:




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