Written by: Sarah Dickens

Producer and DJ, Toadface, is steady carving out his own spot in the experimental bass world. Known for his wonky sounds and swampy texture, Toadface has released a 12-track LP perfect for those late night hangouts.

The Bugs for Breakfast LP takes the listener on a journey through ambient time and space while showcasing Toadface’s flawless production style. Bugs for Breakfast, released through Liquid Stranger’s label WAKAAN, contains 12 unique tracks that work flawlessly together.

Toadface pays homage to dubstep, trap and free-form bass seamlessly throughout the LP. His quirky, heavy, yet euphoric bass lines create an out of this world ambiance that we won’t be getting tired of. The Bugs for Breakfast LP will 100% be a stand out production among bass music fans.

Toadface takes off for his Bugs for Breakfast tour on October 6th. Be sure to catch him at one of his stops and experience his eccentric wonky style for yourself.

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Posted by:Sarah Dickens

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