Written by: Michael Placencia

Out of all the talented artists out there that are severely underrated, No Mana is definitely one of them. And after so many “UP” EPs, 13UP proves why No Mana deserves more recognition. The EP throws us right into the action with “Loud Thoughts”.  A Techno banger which starts with low bass sounds with a nice kick as the backbone. It then leads us into those electronic Techno notes that consistently buildup upon each other in order to hype you up even more. What’s also appreciated is the sudden slow down towards the end of the track. It’s a different change of pace that saves the track from becoming repetitive.

No Mana

“Silent Cry” keeps that upbeat vibe as it begins with some quiet kicks that soon become more prominent. Those few electronic notes paired with that guttural scratchy sound are so addicting, it’s hard to ever forget that melody. The female vocal also adds some darkness to it as she whispers, “can’t you hear my silent cry?” It’s a perfect combination of dark gritty techy goodness. With a plethora of EPs under his belt, a handful of amazing remixes, and his signature Techno sound, No Mana is poised to deliver even more memorable musical magic.

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