Immerse Yourself Into a Jurassic World Experience with Lost Lands 2018 [Review]

You guys want to hear about a magical place? A world where dinosaurs and humans co-exist, and filthy bass music is being played in every direction you turn. If you think that there is no way this is real, well you are sadly mistake.

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Rise Of The Octopeel! Who Will Save Us All?

Whats up Banana Bunch gang!  Our favorite banana eating, poo-flinging, monkey producer from Boulder, CO released his debut album Rise of the Octopeel on September 10th.  Bringing new sounds, wubs, and artists collaborations including Jansten, Boogie T, Mista Movie, Chaz Bowles, Yasee, and Jooby Truth. This new album from Dirt Monkey is absolutely everything you would expect for your bass…

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