Looking for something to help you escape reality?  Trying to figure out any life challenges, but can’t seem to get into the right head-space?  Want to discover new experiences from across the world?  Then I highly recommend you take a listen into the mesmerizing acoustic sounds and vocals of Frances’ female producer, CloZee, and her newest release of “Evasion”.

Photo by YouTube

CloZee, french producer from Toulouse, France, begins with a nice harmonic chord progression; Typically encompassing the style of music she releases and beautifully blends it with a simple upbeat melody.  Slowly transitioning other lighter elements into her intro, while capitalizing on the vocal recordings used, she captures your attention and helps guide the flow of your inner xi.

Photo from U Street Music Hall

CloZee is known to have those melodic dub vibes with natural vocals while experimenting with new sounds.  This unique combination of producing is a dying breed in the EDM community, seeing that majority of the music released now is typically hype (more energy driven) tracks/sets.  Do not sleep on this unique style of production.  She blends a rhythmic kick and soft melodic dub to help grip that little energizer bunny in you, itching to bob your head to something new.  After listening to one of her tracks I promise that bunny is going to want more and more.  Not only does the song begin with light tones and simple vocals, but also ends in a similar manner.

Photo by Madison House, Inc.

Her music speaks for itself and, with the lack of a better term, is spiritual.  Inspiring yet relaxing, CloZee really knows how to speak by using a universal language we all know- music.  Que votre esprit ne parle pas, laissez le rythme vous guider vers un nouveau voyage.  Merci Chloe, jusqu’à la prochaine fois.


CloZee Music | Soundcloud Facebook | Twitter | Spotify | YouTube

Posted by:Christian Salcedo

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