You guys want to hear about a magical place? A world where dinosaurs and humans co-exist, and filthy bass music is being played in every direction you turn. If you think that for one second there is no way this is real, well you’re sadly mistaken. Excision, the bass god himself has created it for us, and as we walked into our second year at Lost Lands all of our expectations went out the window as all of our wildest dreams came true.



The prehistoric madness all began on Thursday as thousands upon thousands of people started to arrive for early entry, to set up their weekend homes, and get ready for an ultimate B2B pre-party.

As we pulled up to our camping spot we couldn’t unload fast enough. We had to get inside and see who was gonna show up for this open invitation B2B with Excision and it didn’t disappoint. Artists like Sullivan King, Carbin, Kai Wachi, Wooli, Figure and more all showed up for Excision (see full B2B list below), and when he showed up he blessed us with literally every track off of his latest album Apex.

The Stages

The new and improved stages for Lost Lands were everything we imagined. If you attended the festival last year, you may remember the Cave of Souls stage. Well, that stage is no more. For the second year Excision knew he had to make it bigger and badder than before, so Lost Lands input a second main stage.


Certainly one of the most incredible stage designs we have ever witnessed at a festival. It stood five stories high with a Brontosaurus hanging out dead center!


If you remember the Prehistoric Paradox, how could you forget, but if you remember it… then forget it! This year’s stage was bigger with massive screens and larger volcanoes. Plus, nothing caught on fire this year, so that’s a win! We are so excited to see what Excision has in store for us next year.


Attendance Growth!

The stages weren’t the only thing that expanded, the entire festival almost doubled in size this year! With the expected turn out somewhere around 37,000 people, which is just shy of double what intended the inaugural year, of course everything had to be expanded. Meaning, larger camping grounds, more vendors, and a plethora of dinosaurs.

However, with the expansion did come some negatives. One of the major problems we felt about this year was that Lost Lands expanded too much, too fast. It was a lot of grounds to manage, thus causing disorganization within the campgrounds. Attendees were forced into silent camping when they didn’t ask to be, and a very large portion of the people who paid to get there early on Thursday ended up in worst camping spots then those who arrived on Friday.

However, the bassheads did behave for the most part. Even though there were several arrests made, that number was a very small percentage in comparison to everyone who attended the festival.

Security also did a great job of catching a lot of those thing before they ever even entered the campgrounds. With that being said, after the festival was over we did receive very sad news that their were two confirmed deaths at this years festival. Excision released this statement:


We do have a few suggestions for next year…

  • Camping- Think LL team bit off more they can chew, it was unorganized, people who weren’t supposed to be in silent camping were placed there. People who paid to get there early had worse camping spot than Friday arrivals.
  • Water Stations- Didn’t grow with the crowd, need more stations next year. Plus, at sound camp water was nasty color.
  • Soundcamps- Noise bleeding from one stage to the next. Not a lot of space. Maybe cut a few campers next year and expand this area.
  • Heat- Let’s take it back a couple weeks. First year people may have complained about cold weather, but we feel that is much safer, and much easier to bundle against the cold than it was to deal with the heat of this earlier weekend.

Now let’s get to ALL of the incredible sets that came through Lost Lands this year

Pre- Party: Sullivan King kicked it off with an incredible introduction

  • Dion Timmer
  • Carbin
  • Ubur
  • Ganja White Night
  • Downlink
  • Kai Wachi
  • 12th Planet
  • Protohype
  • Dirtyphonics
  • Wooli
  • Figure
  • Phase One
  • Kompany
  • Excision
  • Sullivan King

….now tell me where you will ever see a B2B like that again…. Nope, you can’t!

Set’s From Festival Weekend:

Illenium – Just going to start with the best set of the ENTIRE weekend. He absolutely, made it his mission to kill this set. He certainly achieved that and more! The set was just incredible, and anyone who attended the festival can attest to that.

Nero – Another of the softer sounds from the weekend, but that didn’t change the fact that is was simply beautiful.

Surprise Guest– Shaq aka DJ Diesel, though I think people, including myself were slightly disappointed at first, only because we all had our ideas on who we thought it would be. He did a great job, it lightened the mood, and it was incredible seeing Excision riding on Shaq’s shoulder while he DJ’d that was impressive. All-in-all we were super excited it turned out to be him.

Bear Grillz- This set a was dub-beauty! The vibes at the stage were beautiful, the crowd was so hyped, and it set the tone for the rest of the evening.

Excision- Excision had a lot of beautiful moments over the week. However, his detox set had us in chills. I felt myself not wanting this set to end. I mean it’s his festival so we knew he’d bring it, but he brought it all the way.

Honorable Mention:

  • Jauz
  • Yheti
  • Funtcase B2B Cookie Monsta
  • HE$H
  • Snails
  • Herobust
  • Said The Sky- Who do to rain, ended up getting a beautiful time slot closing out the weekend.

We reached out to attendees from Lost Lands to see what they had to see and these were their responses:

Lots Lands was my first camping festival and it was beyond words. I thank Excision for going above and beyond to make everything perfect for his fans. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for next year.- Coraily Jimenez

Lost lands was SO magical and I feel so lucky to have been able to experience it with such amazing people. -Ashley D’ Errico

Lost lands this year was one of the greatest experiences of my life. The Thursday pre-party was a rare opportunity to see some of the best bass music DJ’s in the world share a stage, and the lineup was insane the rest of the weekend. Even though it was insanely hot, I felt like I couldn’t miss any of the sets. Nothing beats raging to your favorite artist, then going to cool off in a hammock and watch main stage from the hillside. I definitely will be going back year after year! – Devon Rastok

Now let’s talk money…

Thornville should be some very happy locals, Lost Lands brought in over $5 million into the local economy. Which is incredible for any community, but that’s not even the best part.

Lost Lands also made some pretty impressive donations, such as, $15,000 for the Woodlands Center for New Beginnings, $30,000 worth of camping equipment donated to local Boy Scouts, and $20,000 to Lakewood High School of Music and Art Department. That just goes to show you that Excision and his team care more about just money, and we are very excited to see what he does next year.

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Of couse, it’s impossible to please everyone, but those who actually attended Lost Lands this year, and even last know what it’s really about. Is it 100%, probably not, but are the vibes beautiful, does the owner genuienly care about his fans, are the music & visuals out of this world? Abso-Fu**ing-lutely! We highly recommend this festival to anyone who has next yet attended, and to those of you who have… We will see you next year!

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I'm a 27 years old, promoter/writer who is going to school for Broadcast Journalism. In hopes, to be a full time entertainment journalist. EDM Till I Die!

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