Whats up Banana Bunch gang!  Our favorite banana eating, poo-flinging, monkey producer from Boulder, CO released his debut album Rise of the Octopeel on September 10th.  Bringing new sounds, wubs, and artists collaborations including Jansten, Boogie T, Mista Movie, Chaz Bowles, Yasee, and Jooby Truth.

Dirt Monkey2
Photo by Insomniac

This new album from Dirt Monkey is absolutely everything you would expect for your bass loving, wobble grooving, wubba-dub-wub fans.  Wondering what bass-face is? Not sure if you have one?  Take a dive into the depths of Dirt Monkey’s Rise of the Octopeel, with tracks like “Frog Island”, “Rise of the Octopeel”, “The Beat”, “Badman Wub” you’re bound to bring out the inner wook we all keep hidden deep within ourselves.

Dirt Monkey
Photo from Dirt Monkey Merch

Patrick Megeath (Dirt Monkey) brings you a taste of old school wobble sounds with a mix of west coast dub.  Honestly, each track will have you going bananas for more as it triggers our inner primal ape.  Careful not to slip on any banana peel’s on the ground as you dance and go primal for each track this album brings.

Banana Bunch
Photo by Gunter M. Jones

Keep your eyes and ears peeled for his new music being dropped in festivals and concerts near you!  Now let’s go bananas!

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Posted by:Christian Salcedo

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