Written by: Zakariya Aslane

These celestial beings are not pleased with how the world is tolerating with the soft sounds that are being produced across the world.  KAMI has released “Shinto” with only one message: suffer and die!

KAMI is from the fourth dimension and with the release of “Shinto” have ripped a hole through time and space.  All sense of reality is lost after hearing the first drop.  Filled with the heaviest of mind-bending dubstep, people were rising up into the sky as skyscrapers were being toppled.

The second lead makes one imagine you are in some post-apocalyptic major city and the dust has finally settled and one may think the worst of the mayhem is over.  However, the KAMI gods are not finished when it comes to that.  They had to make sure it was the end for all life, which the second drop does to perfection.  It rips your heart and soul out and replaces it with fear and death, while a meteor from deep space comes flying at you.

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Posted by:Zak Aslane

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