Anyone who has followed Getter throughout his career knows he’s a funny guy, the class clown if you will. However, after coming off of a spiral of depression, trying to find his place in the music industry, dealing with hate on social media and a struggle with sobriety he is opening up a new more vulnerable side. As a fan, and someone who has followed his career since the beginning I think this album may have meant as much to me as it did to him.

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For those of you who don’t know Visceral, the name of Getter’s new album is defined as deep inward feelings. Which makes since, since Tanner has spoken so much about the demons he was facing while making this album, and the depression he was going through, and for anyone who doubts he was going through a dark time, let’s start with track number one, “Purgatory”, which is defined as a place/state of suffering. When listening to this track, it gave me goosebumps. The track is so haunting, and makes you wonder what was haunting him so badly. The track has no lyrics, but a toe-curling laugh at the end that almost makes you just want to change the track out of fear.

Skipping to the third track on the album, “Numb”. This track features Allan Kingdom, and is one of my favorites. Keeping with the eerie sound, at the beginning but picking up the tempo. This track speaks of relationship he tried to make work, but ended up hurting her in the end. He talk’s about not being in his feelings any more in this track, and it left me wondering if some of his depression stemmed from here.

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Lyrically wise, another favorite on this album is “All is Lost”, featuring Nothing,Nowhere. Still speaking to someone in the track, you can almost feel the pain behind the lyrics. When first listening to the album, I found myself trying to dissect the chorus,

“Funny how it changes, memories of places. The Time that I have wasted, nights when you was faded.”

then he continues with…

” This always ends the same, and I don’t think I’ll make it”

To me those words just kept repeating over and over again, and I just kept thinking how relatable they are, and adaptable to so many different situations that people feel on a daily basis.

Some other great tracks on the album are “Best Of Me”, “Release” , and “Solo”, but I now want to skip ahead to “Colorblind”. This track was released earlier this year as a single off the album, but Getter saved a much more dark, yet beautiful version of this track for the album that literally left me speechless. These lyrics, are so dark, but so meaningful. In a recent interview with Tanner I saw him say that he got to such a dark place that he would literally just scream and lose his shit trying to get his emotions out, and this song is a direct result of that. Listen to this track and tell me you don’t feel it. It’s chilling.


“Bleed” is definitely his most hip hop influenced track on the album, which is a nice change in pace, though still very real. This track was necessary to remind us that Getter hasn’t changed from his beginning influences, but merely evolved. Finally, on the album is “On my Way Out”, it features Joji, and it’s notably the most electronically influenced. The lyrics are limited, but with strong meaning. I can picture people vibing to this song at a festival, and some may not even notice the pain behind the lyrics.

Call me biased, say what you will, but this has to be one of the best electronic albums to be released this year. It is so vulnerable, so beautiful, so unlike anything we have heard from Getter, but in the best way. This album is truly beautiful and liberating. However, for those of you who haven’t followed Getter’s career and kept up with, I am happy to report he is in a much better place in his life, he is happy!


If you or someone you know is suffering from depression and need someone to talk to, we at TRILLVO have started #TrillvoCares, a place for our community to feel free to write into us about what they’re are going through, how you are feeling, what you may need. A place where the people responding to your email’s are people who have been in your shoes, and just want to help you out the other side. It is can be as anonymous as you like. We care and we are here to listen.


Listen to the full album below!

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