Photos by Victoria Garces & Marisa Folger
Written by: Sarah Dickens & Victoria Garces

Imagine Music Festival celebrated it’s 5th year anniversary at the Atlanta Motor Speedway this year, and they went all out to celebrate! Upon entering the venue we were given a birds eye view of the setup; the bleachers were rattling from the bass, the people were quickly running down the bleachers to join their friends and we were pumped to start the weekend!

The Stages

The production at Imagine was insane! Each stage had it’s own theme and each stage had a wow factor. Our favorite stage was the Disco Inferno. The unique stage featured trippy visuals, performers and SO MUCH FIRE! The flower at the top looks like an innocent disco flower until flames shot up with green fireworks, and the crowd went wild. We had so much fun dancing the night away under the stars and the fire.

_NEF2218.jpgOceania Stage; Photo by Marisa Folger

The Oceania stage gets an A+++ from us. The stage production was wild, especially the lasers. The Oceania stage really resembled the main stage for the festival and they didn’t cut any corners when designing it. Huge names like Bassnectar, Zeds Dead and RL Grime absolutely crushed their sets on this stage. The sound design, visuals and more were all A1 the entire weekend. More festivals should put this type of attention to detail into their main stages, it was incredible .

VIK_9887.jpgAmazonia Stage; Photo by Victoria Garces

The Amazonia stage was settled away from all the madness, it felt like entering your own little world. Griz closed the Amazonia stage on day 3 with some smooth and funky tunes. It was the perfect stage to go relax and hang out at. The best part of the Amazonia stage? Indoor bathrooms were close by and stayed fairly clean throughout the weekend.

The smaller stages like the Aeria, Silent Disco and Six Feathers were bumping all weekend and ensured festival goers always had somewhere to be, someone to listen to, and new music to discover. The Six Feathers stage consisted of some sick locals and we were so glad we got to check them out.

The Experience

Imagine Music Festival was an all-around amazing weekend. From amazing sets to amazing vibes, I didn’t meet anyone who didn’t have a great time. Lines were easy and quick to go through all weekend, there were indoor bathrooms at the entrance for those of us that hate portos and the food was amazing!

One of the most surprising features of the festival were all of the non-music related activities. Imagine made sure there was plenty to do throughout the festival that wasn’t simply hanging out at a stage. There were vendors, beer pong tables, hang out spots, air hockey and a POOL. Yes, a pool with inflatables and a fountain with images projected on it.

VIK_9043.jpgPirate Pedicab; Photo by Victoria Garces

There was so much live art and so many art installations to check out. Half the fun was walking around and discovering the random pieces of art placed throughout. A piano in the middle of the field, a trippy pyramid and live art behind the main stage ensured there was always something for festival goers to admire.

VIK_9746.jpgTrippy Projection Pyramid; Photo by Victoria Garces

The weather was fantastic. Hot – yes. However, Imagine pushed back the festival times to later in the evening this year in order to save festival goers from the blazing sun. By the time we got in and started the night the sun was already starting to back off and the temperature cooled. By night fall there was nice breeze and we always felt great.

The staff was very accommodating and everyone was always eager to help. The few issues we did notice were quickly resolved by a helpful and friendly staff. The vibes all around were electric and everyone was there to have fun in the name of music.

Imaginary Friends

VIK_8830.jpgImaginary Friend; Photo by Victoria Garces

The Imaginary Friends were volunteers that exchanged their time and help for a ticket to the festival and WOW, every fest should have some sort of exchange program like this. There were Imaginary Friends everywhere sporting their purple shirts making sure festival goers were safe, hydrated and having fun. We didn’t even need to fill up our camel packs because there were constantly Imaginary Friends around squirting water into our mouths. Big shout out to Imagine for keeping the safety of the festival goers their priority and HUGE shout out to the volunteers!

Favorite Sets

  • Bassnectar – The crowd was insane for Bassnectar’s set. Everyone was having a great time and he didn’t hold back at all. 10/10.
  • Zeds Dead  – WOW! Zeds Dead absolutely crushed it. After a long 3 days the crowds energy was an all-time high while the boys dropped classics and had everyone dancing. For a OG Deadhead, this set was one of THOSE you had to be at.
  • 12th Planet – He is always a great time and he started the fest off strong night 1. The production during his set was phenomenal, we’ve never seen so many lasers.
  • Shlump – Shlump is an up and coming experimental bass producer and his set at Disco Inferno was the perfect mix of heavy, weird and smooth.
  • ZHU – ZHU brought his Dune Tour production to the Amazonia stage with his iconic pyramids. His sexy sax and rockin’ bass closed out Day 2.


All around Imagine was a great festival and we can tell they are only getting better with time. For a 5th year festival, we felt everything was smooth and organized. However, there are a few improvements that could make next year even better!

The will call lines OUTSIDE the festival and on the opposite side of the entrance were a bit of a headache. Luckily, they had a car system for the patrons. Of course, there’s hundreds of people trying to pick up their ticket at once but more lines could help the process run more smoothly and faster. 

The water refill stations were a bit hard to find and often had very long lines. Adding one at the front of the festival and then a few more throughout may make it easier to locate and alleviate the lines.

Thank you!!

Thank you so much to Imagine Music Festival for an unforgettable weekend with all of our friends – old and new. We see Imagine becoming a staple in the music festival world and a fest that people return to year after year. We can’t wait to return next year to see what Imagine has up their sleeve next!

_NEF1257.jpgOceania Stage; Photo by Marisa Folger
Posted by:Victoria Garces

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