Written by Zakariya Aslane

The massive track by Carnage & Sludge, “El Diablo”, has been completely flipped upside down by Rose Dawn and Mikey Barreneche.

This remix goes just as hard as the original, but takes it into the next dimension.  Supported by artists such as 4B and Kutski, the first lead is still very dramatic almost giving that Lucifer feel.  Then the first drop comes at you and it is as if the ground from beneath you opens up spewing lava and fire followed by a barrage of demons and creatures rising from the deepest depths of Hell.  Filling your ears with the heaviest of hard psy, the first drop is nothing short of insane.

We now arrive at the second drop, which is when all hell breaks loose.  Bringing you that hard dance kick with the El Diablo” screeches and roars.  The beats per minute for this drop is off the charts and will have you going berserk to say the least.  The first drop was the gates of Hell opening, the second drop was the evil spreading over the world like an epidemic.

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Posted by:Zak Aslane

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