Written By: Isaiah Campbell

If DPMO Volume One was considered a knockout, then Volume 2 is a straight dead ringer.

FuntCase, via Circus Records, curated the second installment of heavy, brutal, and painfully destructive electronic audio waves. Let’s get through some of the highlights of this collection.

Lev3l & SweetTooth – “Impending Doom”

Right off the bat we’re graced with the sounds of SweetTooth and Lev3l in “Impending Doom”. Before the drop it sounds like something you’d might hear in an old school Marvel tv show, villainous maniacal laughs and threats of, well, impending doom. Gradually the track turns into madness as the drop comes, and breaches the barrier of insanity. It’s more than a heater, it’s a bonfire.

Flakzz – “Jaded”

Jaded is unique in many ways. In the beginning it starts with just synths. It slowly and gradually adds audio elements, hats kicks, snares and an extra synth or two. Then the drop comes in. It’s an unexpected change from normal hard drops. The first few bars are melodic synths, then switches to heavy Vox bass elements. Definitely a highlight of the album.

FuntCase & Wooli feat. Clipson – “Man Want No War”

FuntCase and Wooli have never made a song I don’t like. All of them have been bangers, so I shouldn’t have been surprised when I listened to the collaborative track, Man Want No War was a major banger. I was though. I didn’t realize how much power they had as a duo. Even with my high expectations I underestimated this track. It’s in the running for the best track of the whole album.

Detrace – “Hunger Pangs”

If you’re an audiophile and are in the mood for something filling, curb your munchies with this song by Detrace. “Hunger Pangs” has a high production value and is loaded with audio supplements, sound bytes, dope hat rolls, and a great melodic synth in a high register. Can be combined to create a well balanced set.

Jkyl & Hyde – “Yoi boi”

Ah yes. The beloved “Yeah boiii” meme. Public Enemy’s Flava Flav should be proud that this sound byte, inspired by what he says most famously on stage. We’ve heard different incarnations of this soundbyte in many different sounding electronic music tracks. This track in particular does the “Yeah boi” soundbyte the most justice. It’s worth the listen.

Check out the DPMO Vol. 2 compilation on SoundCloud, Spotify, and iTunes. Be sure to follow FuntCase and Circus Records for more dope tracks.

Posted by:Dee Jay Soup

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