Interviewed By: Isaiah Campbell

Recently Trillvo had the opportunity to interview Kannibalen Records alumni Sam Lamar, and got into talking about his career, and different aspects of the electronic music scene. Check out what he had to say.

What influenced your passions for the path of music?

I’d say my passion for music began after being exposed to electronic music. Before I was only consuming music but now I listen and appreciate music.

How has your experience with Kannibalen Recs been for you so far?

Kannibalen has been so supportive it’s really a blessing. They invited me to their studio while me and Vince (Lektrique) were working on “Black Magic”. I met the whole team while I was there too. I couldn’t be more grateful that they want to release more of my tunes!

Where do you see the electronic music scene right now? and where do you see it going?

I feel like I could talk about this for hours. There’s some good, there’s some bad, but at the end it’s always going to evolve in the way fans want it. I know some people say it’s similar or whatever but I feel like what’s dope about electronic music is the sound design and there’s so many artists killing it like: Svdden Death, LUX, Mastadon, Hekler, Herobust and the list goes on and on. To me, bass music is doing really well. I feel like dubstep will become more complex, less 1/4 wubs, more melodies.

What is the most fun part about being Sam Lamar? What are some of your most fun experiences in your career?

Mmmmmh. being Sam Lamar is okay. I’d say whenever I travel with my friends to play shows it’s always a good time.


You’ve released tracks with a long list of artists, on quite a few labels, what’s next for you?

Ahhhh so much stuff. There are some tunes coming out soon that people have been asking me about, so I’m happy to finally release them. There are a lot of new show announcements coming up too, as well as some other stuff I can’t talk about just yet, so I’m pretty hyped for the future!

While growing up what did you listen to?

Eminem, Mac Miller, Linkin Park, Rammstein, etc. I was mostly listening to rap, metal or pop music, but now I listen to anything. I feel like every genre has their own ways of doing things.


What is/was the single most significant point in your career that felt really important to you?

I’d say releasing Bad with my broski, Felmax & Boogie T on Kannibalen was pretty huge because getting those basses right took so much time. and layers lol. But I think now it would be Excision premiering my unreleased tune ‘Destroy’ at Lost Lands this year.

If one of these two had to disappear what would you choose? salt or pepper?

Damn i feel like salt is more important but damn pepper would be a hard loss…

What is the weirdest thing on your bucket list?

I don’t have a bucket list hahah, but I want to go in Australia and go to the zoo!!!!

Favorite road food?

Pringles and chocolate like maltesers or Hershey’s bars.

Favorite food to eat while at home?

Bagels, it’s super quick to do and it’s delicious.

Anything else you’d like to say to your fans?

I love YOU, yes you that is still reading this, thank you!

Check out Sam Lamar’s social media pages below!

Facebook / Twitter / SoundCloud


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