Written By: RayTrill Harvey

Spooky SZN is finally here my goons and goblins which means so is Houston’s own Halloween based festival, renamed this year, Freaky Deaky! We want to provide you a complete guide to surviving the festival and making sure you’re 100% prepared. We’re SEASONED festival veterans and with this one in our home town, we can tell you exactly what to expect.


Brief History Of The Festival & Organizers

Something Wicked used to be the name of the Houston based Halloween Festival until the festival parted ways with previous partners and rebranded. Disco Donnie teamed up with LiveStyle, an insanely huge company that owns Beatport and the company that launched Tomorrow World, the North American version of Belgium’s Tomorrow Land.

What does this mean for us? Let me say it again, “The Company That Launched Tomorrow World!” We’re talking leveling up immensely on production, aesthetics going above and beyond, a whole new budget that blows previous budgets out of the water… I’ll slow down given this is all speculation from me, but one can only dream that this festival will be treated the same as Live Style’s other huge ventures. Oh, and before I forget, Freaky Deaky is actually a 5 city strong festival branching out to Detroit, Chicago, Milwaukee, Brooklyn and now Houston!


Checklist to prepare for the festival

WEATHER: The weather is typically the same every year. It’s warm during the day and then a really nice breeze starts to come in and it’s a little chilly at night. It’s usually perfect for a onesie or pants with a crop. Shirt during the day, hoodie at night.

79° / 63°


TOTEM: Totems are an amazingly unique form of expression and a great way to find your friends when you’re lost. We’ve seen some very dope totems over the years and can’t wait to grab tons of pictures of your art this year. If you haven’t already, get started on one now! Totems add so much personality to every festival.

HYDRATE: WE can’t stress enough, make sure you are drinking plenty of water all day. It’s very important to make sure your body can handle 2 days of dancing and walking.

KANDI: Whether you’re an old raver or a new raver, kandi making and trading lives on in the US and stands as a great way to meet new people and give a piece of yourself to someone else. This little effort goes such a long way in making memories that last forever

20624602_1041710315966524_1830824704_n (1)

GOOD WALKING SHOES: Everyone likes to be cute at fests but lets be real, you need to also think comfort. I don’t know too many people that have a good time when their feet are covered in blisters. Be kind to your feet and get some dope comfy shoes that go with everything and don’t cost too much because they will get wrecked with dirt.

ESSENTIALS: DO NOT FORGET your ID, Ticket, Baby Wipes, Lighter, Unopened pack of gum, hand sanitizer & all your positive vibes. For a list of all things you can’t bring in to the festival Click Here

COSTUME: There’s a costume contest at Freaky Deaky this year with crazy prizes, costumes are HIGHLY recommended. Head to the Haunted Hallow stage to enter in our Freaky Costume Contest! Whether your outfit is spooky, sexy, or silly, join us at the Haunted Hallow stage for judging on Saturday (Day 1) at the following times!


Semi Finals
Saturday at 6:00 PM
All costumes welcome!
Winners from each category are voted on.
Category winners are announced.

Final Judging
Saturday at 8:00 PM
Winners from each category are judged for the final prize!
Final winner announced.

Best Costume: 2x VIP Tickets to Freaky Deaky 2019, Merch Pack, Instagram feature on Freaky Deaky socials
Most Creative Costume: VIP Upgrade or Merch Pack
Best Sexy Costume: VIP Upgrade or Merch Pack
Best Scary Costume: VIP Upgrade or Merch Pack
Best Couples Costume: 2 VIP Upgrade or 2 Merch Packs
Funniest Costume: VIP Upgrade or Merch Pack



As we stated previously, this year the organizers are going all out and upgrading everything… while we cant tell you everything we can tell you a little.

“I’m really excited for everyone to see all the hard work we’ve put into Freaky Deaky, We wanted to take things up a notch and really make this the biggest and best festival Houston has ever seen.” –Parker Clark; Ticketing Manager For Disco Donnie Presents



From rides to stages & all the way to new scary interactive features, the festival has received a HUGE upgrade to production that will leave crowds familiar with Something Wicked, blown away. Check out some photos from Freaky Deaky festival in other states. We’re looking forward to seeing how an already well established festival will be amplified.

Brand New Merch

Houston inspired Jersey’s are a HUGE hit this year, they play off of the Houston Rockets & Houston Astros Jersey’s. We have a feeling these are going to sell out.

Click here to check out the prices and buy yours


Discover The Artist’s On The Lineup Before You Get There.

We created a 220 track playlist full of music we love from every artist on the lineup! Discover what you’ll be hearing before you get there and make new favorites.

Added Fourth Stage: The Haunted Hallow!

This part is VERY exciting for us because this is the stage that TRILLVO curated. A fourth stage was added after a tweet blew up about letting TRILLVO curate a stage full of locals and Donnie Listened to the fans. He added on a fourth stage and allowed us to pick the top locals in our city to come and throw down on it. Stay tuned for our next article in preparation to the festival that tells you more about each artist and what you’ll hear from them.

The Shrine

The festivals main stage is STACKED this year with headliners like DJ Snake, Porter Robinson, Kaskade & Excision. There is so much diversity in just those 4 names. Tack on the Trap/Bass legends like Yellow Claw & Alison Wonderland. Sprinkle a little house with Chris Lake & Oliver Heldens & you’ve got something for everyone.

The Crypt

If you’re wondering where the bass heads will be living for most of the weekend, check no further. This lineup is insanely stacked. Each & every artist on this stage is leading their own respective lanes in bass music. It’s going to be hard to walk away from this stage at any point. We’re insanely excited for Space Laces, SAYMYNAME, 12th Planet & Wooli.

The Rising

The Rising is the parallel to the Crypt in quality but the opposite in genre. This is where you’ll find the shufflers and groovers. The people who like to chill and vibe verses head bang with some big names like Nora En Pure, Audien, Camelphat & Destructo.


Freaky Deaky’s Texas run offers upgrades for the ballers out there including VIP tents, VIP viewing areas and VIP Diamond, Platinum & Gold bottle service sections at main stage. Don’t like being around crowds? Want Clean Bathrooms and no line cash only bars? This is the ticket for you

Click Here to Purchase VIP tickets
Click Here to reserve your Bottle Service Section

The festival is bound to be one of the best Houston has ever seen. Grab your tickets now because as of today tier 5 is 95% sold out.

Click Here to Buy Your Ticket!

Note from the Author: Please stay tuned for our next article giving you a little bit of background of each artist on the trillvo stage and learn what they’ll be playing so you can leave with some new faves!

Posted by:Raytrill Founder of TRILLVO

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