Wrapping up their fifth year of throwing Imagine Music Festival, founders Glenn and Madeline Goodhand found time out of their busy schedule to give us the inside scoop on IMF and IRIS.

TRILLVO: Can you tell us a little History about Glenn and Madeline before IRIS so those reading can learn a little about IRIS and IMF?

Maddy: Growing up in Europe and China, I heard different styles of Trance and Techno that originally got me into Electronic Music. I moved to the states when I was 12 and didn’t hear electronic music again until my early twenties. My experiences in Miami really shaped my taste in music and inspired me to be in the entertainment industry. While electronic music became the soundtrack to my life and I wanted to share the music with everyone I met, I didn’t know it would become my career.
Then I met Glenn. When Glenn told me on our first date he liked electronic music I was really surprised because he was the first person I met in Atlanta, Georgia who knew about it. It took months for Glenn to actually tell me he was a “rave” promoter. Everyone in Atlanta knew Glenn and I finally asked him how he knew so many people – then he told me his story and how he used to throw big parties. Before Glenn and I got back into the business of throwing parties, we went out to different electronic events both in Miami and locally in Atlanta. The events in Atlanta were mostly underground and the production was very poor quality. Glenn kept telling me how they used to load in massive sound and lighting rigs every weekend and how big the parties were he used to throw. We almost felt obligated to come back and show kids what a real “rave” was – with one distinction, now it was legal.

TRILLVO: You two are the definition of a rave couple. Has working together in this industry helped build an amazing relationship between you two?

Maddy: We certainly have found a great partnership both in life and work. It would be difficult to not work in the same industry. This industry has long hours and sleepless nights, if we were not together all the time and on the same page it would be hard.
Photo Cred: Madeline facebook

TRILLVO: When was the moment you knew this is what you wanted to do?

Maddy: When I saw how many people Glenn had touched and the way they spoke about IRIS “back in the day”, I knew I wanted to help Glenn bring it back.

TRILLVO: What advise do you have for young people who are inspired to do what you do?

Maddy: If this is the career path you want start out small, by doing small events, become really good at anticipating challenges and putting out fires; surround yourself with a great team, and be persistent.

TRILLVO: What were your motivations and inspirations when times got hard?

Maddy: There are several times where we wanted to quit. The first time was after our first IRIS event together, we were heartbroken after the event didn’t go 100% as planned and for weeks we stayed in our house and didn’t talk to anybody. We didn’t talk about the event, or planning future events, or even talk about our ideas; but for some reason Glenn and I both couldn’t stop promoting IRIS. A few months later Glenn said, do you want to try another event? I immediately said Yes! I was thinking the same thing but didn’t want to say anything until I knew Glenn was comfortable with it. So we forged ahead and started a monthly and then our successful weekly shortly after.
Maddy: There have been several moments after that where we thought it was time to throw in the towel. Then each time we think we are at our lowest point we run into someone who tells us how much they love and appreciate Imagine. It feels like divine intervention sometimes and we know no matter what we have to keep moving forward and make the festival happen.

TRILLVO: Going on its fifth year, did you ever think IMF would take off and be this large? What is the thought process behind making sure each year is bigger and different?

Maddy: Surprisingly, yes, we knew from the conception of Imagine that it would be huge one day. We continue to have an open dialogue with our guests and ask them what they would like to see done differently and better. Each year you have one shot at getting it right, and in the event that something doesn’t turn out the way you expected, you have to plan for another year to get it right. Its constant fine-tuning and each year you get better.

TRILLVO: What artists, DJS, or producers do you, as electronic dance music lovers, enjoy most? Who’s set would you never miss at a festival?

Maddy: We like a lot of artists but especially enjoy good house music and glitch sounds. You can for sure catch us at Bassnectar, Kaskade, Green Velvet, Alesso and our hometown hero Leah Culver’s set. Hopefully we will get to see more and will absolutely be out there supporting our locals.

TRILLVO: Whats an old school rave fashion you’d like to see come back?

Maddy: Hoodie’s are still in fashion right?

TRILLVO: Being OG ravers, how do you think the transformation from underground/ flyer days to promoting on social media has changed major festivals?

Maddy: Social Media and Facebook has revolutionized promotion. Back in the day Glenn relied on handbills, posters and an info line to promote his shows. Now we are able to communicate with literally millions of people at once. It’s allowed us to reach national, even international audiences and grow quickly in size. I’m sure the other fests can relate.

TRILLVO: One thing that I love about IMF is the amount of local talent you two book. Who is your favorite up and coming local Atl DJ?

Maddy: We have some of the best locals in the land, we recommend you check out Ployd, Eddie Gold, Ra, Sunday Service. All of these guys are producing and we are honored to be in a position to give them a platform to shine on.

TRILLVO: If you could make your dream lineup, who would you book?

Maddy: I’d say the past two year’s lineups have been a dream come true. There are a couple more artists that have yet to play Imagine that you will surely see next year.
Photo Cred: Iris Nightclub

Trillvo thanks you for chatting with us and having us as media for your amazing festival! Keep up the amazing work you power couple. All of us are excited to watch Imagine grow larger each year. Til next time!

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