Written By: Mitchel Tilley

Halloween season is here, and the monsters and ghosts are coming out at night. Many people enjoy festivities like escape rooms, haunted houses, theme parks, and so on. If you love EDM, then you have to check out Escape: Psycho Circus as this festival is a Halloween playground filled with non-stop music, dancing, costumes, and more! Insomniac is taking over NOS Events Center on Friday, Oct. 26 and 27 in San Bernardino, CA. Last year, Escape: Psycho Circus welcomed a record-setting 125,000 Headliners to their unique festival that was filled with endless performances and activities like a revolving carousel, fortune-telling, burlesque shows, tarot card reading, contortionists and tightrope walkers.

The Lineup

Escape: Psycho Circus’ lineup is quite diverse with artists from genres including hardstyle, techno, house, trap, dubstep, and more. After a massive turnout at last year’s event, the Cannibal’s Tea Party stage will be curated by Factory 93 with highly anticipated collabs and an expanded footprint. Keep an eye out for some special back-to-back performances and projects, such as: A-Trak b2b YEHME2Detlef b2b LatmunGreen Velvet presents La La LandJamie Jones presents Paradise, and Tchami x Malaa (No Redemption) among others.


The Stages

A this year’s Escape: Psycho Circus, there are four designed stages that will satisfy even the scariest devil, ghoul, or ghost. Bassrush takes over Ghouls’ Graveyard, Basscon and Audiotistic are hosting the Chopping Block each night. Have no fear, each realm of Escape: Psycho Circus offers up a unique musical treat, full of audiovisual trickery to captivate your soul.


Prepare yourself for two nights of monstrous beats as we bring you a multi-genre musical experience that will slay you.

Credit – Insomniac


This hallowed ground will thump to the rhythmic sounds of the musical ghosts and goblins that haunt our sphere. 

Credit – Insomniac


Bow down to the neck-snapping, head-rolling beats you’ll find here at the bleeding edge of sound! Keep an eye out for Basscon on Day 1 and Audiotastic on Day 2.

Credit – Insomniac


We’re having a party, and you’re invited! Gather round, ‘cause we’re serving up sounds sure to satisfy all weekend.

Credit – Insomniac

Festival Layout


The Performers

Dance among freaks, geeks, fortune-tellers, contortionists, and a host of formidable characters who haunt this place. Don’t skip out on The Asylum, one of the largest and most intricate haunted mazes, as there will be over 120 costumed actors there on top of the other performers and actors inside Escape: Psycho Circus.

The Asylum

Immerse yourself into 32,000 square feet of Halloween theater, 120 interactive performers, and movie quality set designs. With custom horror soundtracks (created by Rabbit in the Moon), 25 separate sound systems, 120 interactive performers, and 30 distinct environments, no wonder over 5,000 brave souls lined up to enter last year. How far down the rabbit hole are you willing to go when you enter the gates at this year’s The Asylum

Credit – Insomniac

As you approach the walls and guard towers, they seem to surround you. The searchlights pull you into the barbed-wire-covered entrance like the gates to Hell.

Credit – Insomniac

You move into the reception area, feeling as if you’ve entered a grand hotel from the 1800s that was converted to a house for the criminally insane. At the top of the staircase is a painting of the Asylum founder, Pasquale Rotella. On your left is a dusty reception desk.

Credit – Insomniac

You are greeted by the night nurse, as old and worn as the walls surrounding her. She calls on the intercom for the orderlies to take you to room 6 for observation. There, you are met by the doctor, who instructs the orderlies to fit you with a straitjacket for your protection.

No need to struggle—it will only make things worse.

Credit – Insomniac

You are brought to the entrance of the cell block. The nurse gives you your medication orally. You hear the inmates’ screams in the distance, as they chant, “The Hatter is going to get you.”

An orderly lines you up and puts a black mask over your face—“for your protection.” The cell block captain slides open the gate and leads you down a long, dark corridor, through the shadows of bars across the concrete floor. Hands reach out from the dark cells, pushing you forward.

Credit – Insomniac

At the end of the hall, the captain unlocks the large metal door to your new home. As you enter, your eyes adjust to find yourself in a padded room with a solitary caged light on the ceiling and a cot in the corner. As you focus on the bloody scratches on the walls, you notice a figure emerging from the dark corner.

“Don’t look at me!” bellows this lanky shadow man. His restraints rip open, revealing the remains of a clown, makeup smeared. “Face the wall! The master comes for you now.” The light goes out, and in the darkness, you hear the laugh of the Hatter:

We’re all mad here
Step right up, my lovelies
For hell is about to begin

Credit – Insomniac

A light emerges from the darkness. The wall on the far side of the room is gone, revealing a garden of giant mushroom trees and a giant, two-story head speaking to you. It’s the Hatter.

Welcome to the labyrinth of my mind
Enter my hat, and see what you may find
Some things you will see are what they seem
Some things are but a dream
But no escape will you find

Credit – Insomniac

There is no place to escape. The clown behind you gives you a push and says, “Go to the master!”

Ahhhh, the smell of fear
My favorite perfume

You reluctantly walk toward the head, eyes following every step through the garden, up a staircase made of giant books, into a door in his hat.

Credit – Insomniac

Welcome to the labyrinth of my mind

You enter a weaving, strobing tunnel of brain tissue. Synapses fire past like sparks of the nightmare to come. You are now inside the mind of the most twisted man in Wonderland.

Credit – Insomniac

Discovery Project

Insomniac’s Discovery Project was created to give a voice to emerging artists in the electronic music world. Aimed at cultivating the scene’s untapped talent, the platform strives to bring today’s fresh faces to light through editorial exposure, performance competitions, and a unique artist collective. Selected Discovery Project participants are given an opportunity to showcase their talent onstage at multiple Insomniac festivals across the country.  Keep an eye out for up and coming artists who will be playing at this year’s Escape: Psycho Circus!


Grab Your Tickets

It’s not too late to experience Escape Psycho Circus! Be sure to grab your tickets for Escape Psycho Circus before everything is sold out. Take your festival weekend to the next level and treat yourself to some unique perks! Skip the lines with expedited festival entry and dedicated VIP lockers, water stations, mobile charging, and restrooms. Get done up at the Halloween costume makeup & glitter bar, and get down proper in our exclusive VIP dance areas. Then relax and enjoy our brand-new hookah bar, gourmet hot chocolate & coffee, and signature Escape cocktails. All this and more await you with the Escape: Psycho Circus VIP Experience!

YOU are the Headliner

Be a freak. Be beautiful. Be your most creative self. The Psycho Circus is your world to haunt and explore. You are the reason we’re here, and that’s why YOU are the Headliner.

“Halloween has always been a special time of year for me. For a lot of people, it’s about dressing up and becoming someone else. For dance music fans, it’s a chance to be who we really are. This year, we’ll have some amazing stages of music to check out, not to mention all the haunts, artwork, and next-level production we’re known for.”                  -Pasquale Rotella

Connect with Escape: Psycho Circus

Website | Facebook | TwitterInstagram

Connect with Insomniac

Website | Facebook | TwitterInstagram


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