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Words simply cannot describe the feeling you’re left with after leaving an Odesza show. It’s an irrevocable sense of awe and wonder you’re in; feelings of elation and grandeur. If you’re not walking away with goosebumps or felt them at least once throughout the entire show, you’re definitely in need of some musical enlightenment.

With their “A Moment Apart” World Tour, Odesza has gone all out by giving us a massive performance with an insane amount of production, lighting, instrumentation, and more. So prepare yourselves, because we’re about to tell you how Odesza gave us the best show all year.

Before we dive into the show, we’d like to mention the opening acts, Evan Giia and Jai Wolf. Both of which brought their own distinct yet welcome touch to the stage. We were definitely pleased by both artist’s performances.

Jai Wolf
Jai Wolf giving a vibey set

“Have you heard the story of the Russian Cosmonaut?”

That very same question from the intro to Odesza’s A Moment Apart album is the first thing that can be heard throughout the Houston Revention Center. It then beautifully leads into album’s title track as the duo gracefully made their entrance.

For those unaware, Odesza is made up of Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight. Both of whom perform a lot of their music through use of drums and other live instrumentation. The way these two work in tandem with one another is unparalleled. But it’s not just the duo that’s impressive, there is also a trumpeter, a trombonist, and even an entire drum line!

Odesza 4

At the very beginning of the show, the Odesza Drum Line accompanied the duo on stage and really added the extra power that comes with a track like “A Moment Apart”. The way songs like this were combined and meshed with others was truly a work of art.

“Show Me” blended so well with the vocal “Oh yeah” from “Say My Name”. It’s little touches like these whom only the most apt listener can notice that really show how much attention to detail these two guys from Washington really have. It’s an immense amount of work and effort for a duo like this to do what they’ve done. Yet they pulled it off so tremendously well.

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Aside from the most insanely epic (and best) opening we’ve ever seen to any show, your very own writer’s favorite part had to be when Naomi Wild came out onstage to perform “Higher Ground”. A song that is near and dear to this writer’s heart. Her voice sounded just as elegant and pitch perfect as it does on the album itself. The timing of Naomi’s entrance was just perfect. And the crowd’s reaction was beyond priceless. But this wasn’t the only song that gave us goosebumps or moved us emotionally.

“Across The Room” slowed us down from all the madness and eased us into a more relaxed mood. This song is definitely one meant for you to share a dance with your significant other, hold them, or even just stand with them in silence as you both listen entranced by the music.

However, the one song of the night that nearly had everyone in tears was “Falls”. Many people know that this song is for anyone that’s ever struggled with suicidal thoughts or depression in their lives. So naturally we feel a deep personal connection to this one, as it touched our hearts.

The amazing thing about this track is that it reminds us that we are not alone. There is always someone willing to listen. Even us here at Trillvo are willing to help in any way we can. Feel free to email us your thoughts, issues, or anything that’s on your mind and we will read, respond, and keep everything confidential. You can write us at:

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“That was the best show of my life.”- Erick Dimas (Writer at Trillvo)

That was just one of the numerous reactions we heard after the show had ended. So many people left the Revention Center walking away with content smiles spread upon their faces.

The fact that Odesza closed out their show to a sold out audience, then performed an encore as well as another extra song was just a gratuitous, yet beautifully surreal experience. Everything from the drum line, to the horns, to Odesza themselves was absolutely spot on. The duo is so very humble and they always made sure to have the audience give a big round of applause to their opening guests, drum line, etc.]

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If you still haven’t been able to experience the life-changing shows of Odesza, please do yourself a favor and make it a point to see them next time they’re in your town. We promise you won’t regret it!

Oh, and did we mention Odesza just announced their very own music festival? That’s right, Sundara Music Festival will hit Mexico in 2019. So start saving up now, because this is definitely one you wont want to miss. We hope you enjoyed this thorough coverage of Odesza’s thrilling show. And we can’t wait to see what welcoming goosebumps the duo will give us next.

For more Odesza, follow them on their socials: Website | Soundcloud | Twitter

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